The Hammer Horror Blu-Ray Campaign

About Greg

Greg Petaloudis
Director Of Marketing and Promotion

     Greg is no stranger to the Horror Genre. In the mid 1970's at age 14, he was already selling rare horror memorabilia at Phil Seuling's Comic Book Market Place in the Commodore Hotel in NYC and at Star Trek Conventions throughout the country. His passion for collecting movie photos eventually grew to become part of the huge archive on this site. Greg was right there when VHS was officially introduced to the world in 1981 and worked in the marketing dept for a few major Hollywood Film studios. Greg also worked in the marketing dept for NBC Studios when the original Saturday Night Live Comedy TV show was at it's high point, circa 1985.

     In 1987, Greg opened Great Movies, Inc, his mail-order company that sold VHS movies around the world for 16 years! Additionally, he was paid by the major studios to attend many movie conventions in Las Vegas where he worked their booths and was given numerous awards for his innovative concepts in exceptional promotion techniques.

    Among his other unique attributes... he's also a master at direct mail marketing, public relations and effective print media ads. In 2003, he launched Winning Edge Promotions, his graphic design and night club/band promotion business. In 2010, after 7 very profitable years, he decided to merge his successful business with his partner Mr. Dima Ballin to form and of course publish DIABOLIQUE magazine, which in 2012 is already garnering worldwide attention!

Phone: 1(718) 658-5020

The Hammer Horror Blu-Ray Campaign

Sign the petition to ask Warner Bros to issue their Classic Hammer Horror titles on Blu-Ray, fully restored and mastered in 1080p for maximum picture quality!

Sign here:

Why is this important? WB’s Hammer titles represent the British company’s very best output, and for many reasons, including cultural and historical, we believe these films should be restored and released in the new digital medium without delay.

Major studios are reluctant to release most of their catalog titles on BD due to the expense of scanning and restoration, as well as limited shelf space in stores. Instead, they focus on a limited group of films that they consider big moneymakers. Our goal is to show them that there is a robust market out there that goes beyond blockbusters. Supporting this campaign is a vote for classic films in general, and for greater diversity of titles in the home video marketplace.

The importance of this campaign to cinefiles can not be overstated. That’s why Guillermo del Toro, Bob Burns, Douglas McKeown, Mark Verheiden, Shane Briant, Svengoolie, and Chad Crawford Kinkle have all signed!

Warner Bros is listening! Make your voice heard NOW!

Sign the petition here: