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NIKI LUPARELLI - Live Cabaret/Burlesque Singer: Her Jazz Band THE GOLD DIGGERS: Playing at The Metropolitan Room in New York City: December 7, 2012

October 11, 2009 The breathtaking Niki Luparelli in her dressing room
Tickets for her Patsy Cline Show in 2013 available here

The gorgeous Niki Luparelli getting ready for her performance
Sensational Jazz Cabaret Singer 
The Gold Diggers
Coming to New York
 Friday, Dec 7th, 2012
Tickets for her Patsy Cline Show in NYC (2013) available here
The captivating Niki Luparelli singing 
at Nick's Bar in Worchester, MA
- Location: The Metropolitan Room
- Address: 34 West 22nd St (Between 5th and 6th Avenues) New York, NY 10010
- Date: Friday, December 7th, 2012
- Time: 11:30 pm
- Ticket Price: $20 buy here
- Show Type: Live Cabaret with a Jazz band
- Minimum: 2 Beverages
- Details: Some of the most beloved 1980s New Wave hits with a Vintage Cabaret Twist!
Featuring acclaimed Boston based Jazz Cabaret singer Niki Luparelli, Dapper Dan Burke on piano, and Lower Clef Geoff on upright bass.
Niki's performance schedule here 

HER HEART STILL BEATS: A Film by Christopher Di Nunzio: Is She Evil Or Is He Insane? A Modern Take on the Classic Edgar Allan Poe Story: The Tell Tale Heart

The captivating Leighsa Burgin stars in
Her Heart Still Beats facebook page here
Creepy Kid Productions and Patricia Films
a film by Christopher Di Nunzio
"Is She Evil Or Is He Insane?"

   Important message from Director Christopher Di Nunzio...

   "Hello all! I just wanted to pass on this information that my short film "Her Heart Still Beats" is now available to watch for free! If you can please share, post, or review, that will be absolutely fantastic! As as a filmmaker, you work hard to make films and try to get as many people as possible to see them. That's what I'm doing with this release and I thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day!"


Reviews From Reputable Sources: 

    "Christopher Di Nunzio is able to hit all the right beats in adapting and modernizing Poe’s classic tale." - Ain't It Cool News  

   "Di Nunzio very much has made a classic thriller in look and feel." The Independent Critic  

     "If you have already seen any of Director Christopher Di Nunzio's films then you know he's an amazing filmmaker and once again he definitely does not disappoint." - Video Views  

    "A solid introduction into Di Nunzio capabilities who most certainly will be going on to direct and write bigger things." - HorrorNews.net

    "There is not a single area in which this film does not deliver." -
10K Bullets  

    "Director Christopher Di Nunzio really does know how to peel back layers of horror and suspense,and when the final screw turns, it's quite a maddening little gem." - Cinema Crazed  

    "Poe would be proud" - Scared Stiff Reviews


News Flash from Diabolique Magazine:  
HER HEART STILL BEATS has already played at
 The 2012 Acton on Film International Film Festival
Was Shown at:
The 2012 Chicago Horror Film Festival 
Sept 29th, 2012  
The 2012 ShockerFest International Film Festival 
 Oct 11th, 2012

was an official selection in the
13th Annual FLICKERS:
 RI International Horror Film Festival!

HER HEART STILL BEATS is an official selection 
of the 11th Boston International Film Festival. 
Screening will be at the
 AMC Theatre Boston Common
175 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Playing on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 

     HER HEART STILL BEATS recently played at the 2013 Gwinnett Center International Film Festival on July 27th and at the 2013 Fright Night Film Fest on July 28th. The lead actor Fiore Leo was also nominated for Best Male Actor in a short film at the 2013 Gwinnett Center International Film Festival. 

    Even better, HER HEAR STILL BEATS will also be released on DVD with another film as a combo. More details coming soon!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Diabolique Magazine:THE SHADOW OF DEATH: New Indie Comedy Horror Movie Released in 2012 from Deadbolt Films UK Director Gav Chuckie Steel

The Shadow Of Death facebook page here 
The Shadow of Death (2012)

NEWS UPDATE from DIABOLIQUE Magazine! Gav Chuckie Steel's The Shadow of Death had it's premiere at the Brit Flick Film Festival in May 2012. It ran  from 4:30 pm on May 12th until 8 pm on May 13 at the Groundlings Theatre in Portsmouth, UK. One
 price allowed you to watch as many films as you wanted. More details are 
available on the Brit Flick Film Festival website here
May 12, 2012 - The Shadow Of Death Premiere
 Director Gav Chuckie Steel and Dan Bone
 (Super Cop Craven) standing in front of the
Groundlings Theatre in Portsmouth, UK.
Keep a close watch for this UK horror/comedy to screen in 
other Indie Horror film festivals throughout the rest of 2012 and beyond!
  IMPORTANT! Gav Chuckie Steel, writer and director and Dan Bone who plays the awesome “Super Special Cop” Craven in the movie  are collaborating on some new and interesting projects with their production company DeadBolt Films; so visit their website here for the latest updates.
Dan, Nancy, Jamie and Debra look on
    My name is Gav Chuckie Steel and I'm the producer and director at Deadbolt Films. We have just finished our first horror feature film The Shadow Of Death. Set in rural Southern- England, when she runs out of weed, Nancy (Sophia Disgrace) calls her aging skater-wannabe ex-boyfriend Dan (Dan Carter-Hope, THE WAKE) to replenish her supply. Dan calls his supplier Marley (Charlie Bore) to score some drugs in hopes of scoring with Nancy. Since Marley is currently kicking it in the Devil’s Jump forest, a stretch of terrain that is supposed to be little used but seems fairly busy today. Dan needs a ride to get there, so Nancy leans on dependable roommate Deb (Corinna Jane) to give them a ride. Deb in turn drags along nerdy third roommate Jamie (Jane West). As soon as they arrive, they are greeted with a bloodcurdling scream; nevertheless, they press on in search of the ganja. Dan quickly gets them lost and they take shelter from a sudden rainstorm in a shack (with décor by the Blair Witch presumably). They tell ghost stories, the most prescient being about a killer priest Father Malone (Stewart Dakers) who dons a hooded cloak (and a pair of tights over his face) to butcher those he believes are sinners. Could he possibly be the assailant that is slashing his way through the forest’s visitors? When Dan goes outside to relieve himself and does not come back, the girls’ only hope may be “Super Special Cop” Craven (Dan Bone), a local nutter who likes to don his "killed-in-the-line-of-duty" father’s police gear to hunt druggies and devil worshipers.
Italian Gallo style artwork for
The Shadow Of Death (2012)
    With quite a few people out for some fresh air and a stroll, the woods are the last place any of them should be! The Shadow Of Death is an 81 minute backwoods Indie horror genre slasher comedy throwback to 1970s and 1980s. It keeps in vein with those classic films which include Evil Dead, Bad Taste, Friday The 13th and even touching upon Italian Giallos... yet incorporating new styles and ideas to the medium. The Shadow Of Death was written, produced and directed by a very loyal and dedicated horror fan! This film has been a genuine labor of love and I would really value your opinion  on The Shadow Of Death. 
Director Chuckie Steel says
   I have been watching horror films since I was a child and have always wanted to be part of creating those films, that as a true fan of the genre, I would enjoy watching. I also loved FX and thought I would get in to that side of film making, but as I grew older I started writing music, then DJ'ing hip hop and using horror films as inspiration for my new found musical passion. I then decided to write scores for horror films and ended up writing my own film instead!  What started out as a 26 page script with a few friends and a camcorder on a weekend, turned into a much larger scale project as more people came on board.
      "I still shot with a Panasonic HDC-SD60 1080i camcorder camera. I wrote, shot, directed, edited and co-produced my horror movie with Emma Haynes. I even scored the film myself, but of course I had a small, yet very dedicated cast and crew with me to do all the other roles. My friend Mark Kelly came on board to do (in camera, no CGI) FX and funny enough, he even started working on creating zombies for Brat Pitt's new film World War Z through the week and then was spending weekends working with us! During that time he learned a massive amount from all of this and I think the FX really stand out in The Shadow Of Death."

Halloween Is Coming Soon!
Come See The Only HORROR Movie
Filmed In Farnham The Maltings 
Buy your tickets in advance here 
Or at the door!
The Shadow Of Death Official Website here
Original VHS Cover Art for THE SHADOW OF DEATH 
Teaser Trailer for The Shadow Of Death (2012) here
     There were a few major challenges... I had no budget (the whole film was made for less than an a holiday), no time (I have a full time night job and had to look after my two kids during the day) and no previous film school knowledge ( although I do know horror!). I'm really proud of The Shadow Of Death and hope it inspires other people to get an HD camcorder and make an Indie horror movie! I edited and scored it all at home when I had the chance (getting hardly any sleep) and with today's modern resources and technology, anybody can create what ever they desire! My inspiration for The Shadow Of Death was Robert Rodriguez, Peter Jackson, John Carpenter and Quintin Tarantino.
Interview with the Director on YOUTUBE here

The Shadow Of Death on IMBb here
The self-styled 'Super Special Officer Cop' Craven (Bone) of the Super Secret Police Force stumbles upon some human remains while lurking the UK countryside (“I've found a head – is it one of yours?”) and soon realizes he's out of his depth “Send Chuck Norris!”
     This film has been a very personal project for both my cast and crew. We are all very pleased to release it to the world and look forward to starting other new projects. Currently in 2012Deadbolt Films Production has scripted a zombie comedy including three other horror comedies that are being written at this very moment.
A biker just had his left hand cut off by the hooded killer in the background
The Shadow Of Death (2012)
The Shadow Of Death (2012) Movie Poster

- Title: The Shadow of Death (2012)
- Production Company: Deadbolt Films Production
- Time: 81 minutes
- Genre: Horror Comedy
- Cast Introducing Corinna Jade ... Debra
 Dan Carter Hope ... Dan
 Sophia Disgrace ... Nancy
 Jane West ... Jamie
 Dan Bone ... Craven (the wannabe killer cop)
- Details: The end credits feature a special thanks to Slyvia Soska whose DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK (available on DVD in the UK through Bounty Films): co-written and directed with her sister Jen, made a big horror film festival splash recently.
The cast: (l to r) Debra, Jamie, Dan and Nancy

Quote from Director Gav Chuckie Steel: "The Shadow Of Death (2012) is my first feature Indie horror film and I loved every part of creating it. I hope every horror movie  fan will also enjoy it too! I have filled the film with nods to other films and I would actually be surprised if anyone can spot them all :). Aside from that,  please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and let me know what you think about my movie."

Gav Chuckie Steel
Writter, Producer and Director
Deadbolt Films Productions
Phone: 07855279308
email: deadboltfilms@hotmail.com
  • The Shadow Of Death Official Website here
  • The Shadow Of Death on IMBb here
  • The Shadow Of Death facebook page here 
  • Follow The Shadow Of Death on Twitter here
  • Teaser Trailer for The Shadow Of Death (2012) here
  • Interview with the Director on YOUTUBE here
horrorunlimited.com and diaboliquemagazine.com
Answer that all important question:
"Why YOU should watch THE SHADOW OF DEATH?"

1- The stereo mix has clear dialogue (usually an issue with low budget films), great sound effects during the stalk-and-slash scenes, and the music is well-mixed (the main title song in particular comes through very atmospherically).

2- Opening with a folksy Pentangle-ish title track over idyllic shots of the woods, THE SHADOW OF DEATH is an original slasher film. The movie name-checks DELIVERANCE and SCREAM, and even features a HALLOWEEN poster in the background of one shot (the ghostly little girl may be an obscure reference to ghost children of THE FOREST), but the film also brings to mind James Bryan’s endearingly inept slasher DON’T GO IN THE WOODS with its introduction of random hikers, cyclists, bird-watchers, and the like in order to quickly and gorily kill them off (albeit with a smaller body count).

3- The stalk and kill sequences are conventionally well shot, but it’s the “meat” of these scenes that viewers really care about anyway. In addition to the usual machete-to-the-head shots, brutal stabbings, and decapitations, there are some creative kills including a death by bong, involving binoculars and a tree branch, a gory eye-plucking, a gruesome and messy evisceration by a large hunting knife, and a particularly wince-inducing impalement on a splintered sapling. The reversal during the finale is somewhat predictable but still very effective nonetheless, sort of calling to mind the obscure slasher in THE REDEEMER.

4- “The Shadow of Death” is a creative piece of independent film-making, clearly made for people who love and enjoy horror with a strong awareness of the conventions and an appreciation for the genre. Independent movies such as this need to be supported, so if your a true fan of the horror genre our staff thoroughly recommends it.

5- You can really tell that Mr. Steel has an eye for a shot and a talent for realistic special effects. The slasher scenes were reminiscent of the Friday the 13th films where the killer approached his victims silently and efficiently. The scenes were just brutal and gory enough to cause me to wince a few times. A couple of scenes were too damn horrible to even watch as they were awesomely intense! The performances overall were extremely impressive for a group of young individuals without any prior acting experience. The “Super Special Cop” Craven (Dan Bone) is a brilliantly awkward anti-hero character who’s in a class all his own. The acting felt real and not just your typical glamoured up horror victims. It was really hard to discern just how the plot was going to play out... many of the sequences took me completely off guard and the ending was definitely really fun and engaging.

6- Overall, an extremely well done Indie horror movie film. It is truly amazing what was accomplished on a minimal film budget and with little time to film. Mr. Steel successfully pulled it off with the gritty Grindhouse effect. You could really tell the entire team has a passion for the horror genre.

7- Throw in a sub-plot about borderline whack job Craven (Dan Bone), who thinks he’s a “super cop” but who’s really just the town crazy, and you have some truly bizarre moments in THE SHADOW OF DEATH. The film starts out with a bang as we see the killer dressed as Death taking out every and anyone in the woods who crosses his path. The death scenes are pretty fun and Mr. Steel comes up with some interesting kills. I won’t ruin anything by being too specific, but have you ever seen a ‘death by bong’ before? I bet not! There’s also a really great death scene that Lucio Fulci himself would approve of! Considering the budget for this one is listed at an estimated £250, the special effects are exceptionally well done. The special effects man Mr. Mark Kelly keeps it simple, yet extremely effective!

8- What I really enjoyed most was the way the film was shot! THE SHADOW OF DEATH has an almost washed-out look in some spots and an over-exposed look in others. This was nicely done and didn't feel gimmicky at all and felt like a natural part of the film itself. THE SHADOW OF DEATH will remind you most of the original LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT as far as the look and tone of the actual film.

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THE ZOMBINATOR: Sergio Myers New Zombie Nightmare Horror Movie: Shoreline Entertainment Now Has World Sales Rights

A Sergio Myers Movie

Shoreline Entertainment Has Officially Picked Up World Sales Rights For Sergio Myers 

[US Theatrical Movie Poster Style 1a-TZ]
Starring Patrick Kilpatrick and Joseph Aviel

Joseph Aviel, Patrick Kilpatrick and
Director Sergio Myers on the set.
   Storyline: A fashion blogger documentary turns into a zombie horror nightmare when college students come face-to-face with the undead. Their only hope of survival is a former soldier turned zombie killer (Joseph Aviel) trying to protect them from a mercenary Patrick Kilpatrick) working for an evil corporation who developed the serum that causes zombie-ism in the first place!

January 11, 2012 - (l to r) Director Sergio Myer discussing the next scene with actor Patrick Kilpatrick

The Mercenary soldier Patrick Kilpatrick grabs a screaming woman by her long hair as he holds shotgun in his left hand, pointed directly at her head!

A realistic zombie dummy head used for special effects.

 ---                                                                                                                                                       --------------------------------------------------
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A birds eye view shot showing Director Sergio Myers (middle) on the set of THE ZOMBINATOR discussing the next scene with some of the main actors.
[l to r] Joseph Aviel, Patrick Kilpatrick and another 
actor on the set of  THE ZOMBINATOR
  Director, Producer and Writer Sergio Myers source of inspiration for the story came when he visited Youngstown, Ohio...  “The vacant buildings are perfect backdrops for a zombie film.  Youngstown, like other towns across America, was hit hard by the constant decrease in the economy and appears as though to be suffering from economic depression.  Some of the people I spoke with feel they have been forgotten and living a life like this make them feel just like zombies. The stories from some of the people I met inspired me to put a spotlight on this city. So I created a movie centered on them to give them something that they can be a part of.”  

Joseph Aviel and some of  the cast taking a break
   Shoreline’s CEO Morris Ruskin says, “THE ZOMBINATOR is a resourceful doc-style horror film that stands out from the rest.  We know buyers will respond to the acting, action, and atmosphere, which all exceed expectations.” Shoreline Executive Vice President Sam Eigen and Director of Acquisitions Melody Djavadi negotiated the deal with Mr. Myers.
NEWS UPDATE! December 27, 2011 - Hollywood has come to Youngstown to shoot a movie in less than a week with hundreds of local actors, extras and production staff. The Zombinator an independent horror movie, is in production right now and uses Youngstown, Ohio and surrounding communities as its backdrop. "The idea was kind of blending a 'Blair Witch' style with 'Night of the Living Dead'," said director and producer Sergio Myers.

December 28th, 2012

        The Plaskett family home and barn on Palmyra Road in Canfield was the scene for Tuesday night's shoot. Actors from Los Angeles, New York and Chicago came into town for the week-long shoot, including Patrick Kilpatrick, who has starred in more than 50 movies and 70 television shows during his more than 30-year acting career. "The premise is an evil corporation develops a serum that causes zombie-ism, because they want to make a zillion dollars on the antidote, so I'm sent out here to make sure that the virus spreads and decimates Youngstown," Mr. Kilpatrick said.

        Sergio Myers first came to Youngstown, Ohio to shoot a fashion documentary, but decided the abandoned buildings and economically depressed area would be perfect for a zombie movie. "Let's do something in Youngstown to kind of bring a little hope to the town, bring a little positive energy. You know, this is a beautiful place, there's beautiful backdrops, beautiful locations for movies, and do something for this town on their Christmas holidays," Mr. Myers said. 

     Mr. Myers and crew are shooting the film in four and half days with no script and are using just a basic outline and directions. "And you just get a situation, most of us are pretty good at improvisation, and they just know the situation, and then just kind of wing it. It's fun," Patrick Kilpatrick said. "It's very exciting, and it's very real, because when the people speak, they're speaking from the impulse of the moment," said actor Joseph Aviel.

        About 150 local extras responded to a post Myers put on facebook, but they're still looking for more zombies to come out for what he calls the big finale scene, where he envisions 300 to 400 zombies walking down the street. They plan to shoot that scene this Friday. "As many people as would like to be involved, and if you could just google image zombies, rip your clothes, roll in the mud, do whatever you can to make yourself look like you came from beyond," said wardrobe specialist Emily Plaskett of Sekret Media. 

 ---                                                                                                                                                       --------------------------------------------------
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      NEWS UPDATE! May 28th, 2013 

       Sergio Myers is currently working on his newest project Zombie League. It's his latest zombie horror movie which centers around a badass group of deranged military, special operations and former criminal vigilantes who are headed to various cities across the Unites States to wipe out the "zombie plague." Created and directed by Sergio Myers, the feature film Zombie League is currently in pre-production.
       Actor Joseph Aviel who took the lead role as The Zombinator in Mr. Myers' current zombie film by the same title, is already attached to the new project. More details and cast announcements coming soon. Below is the first look at the US theatrical "teaser" movie poster for Sergio Myers' upcoming Zombie League.

A new Zombie film by Sergio Myers

  • EXCLUSIVE Interview with Director Sergio Myers here
  • THE ZOMBINATOR on facebook here
  • Director Sergio Myers' new Springwood music video
  • Director Sergio Myers' facebook page here
  • THE ZOMBINATOR official youtube trailer here
  • THE ZOMBINATOR Official website here
  • THE ZOMBINATOR on Linkedin here

For interviews or questions contact:
Josh Mitchell
"Elevate your Hollywood buzz, branding and connections with Wickid Pissa Publicity"

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CHOICES: Indie Filmmaker Skip Shea’s Short Movie Lands 4 Nominations in The 2012 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival: Starring the gorgeous Sarah Nicklin and Busty Blond Niki Luparelli

The gorgeous Sarah Nicklin stars in Skip Shea's Indie film CHOICES
CHOICES (2012) is officially nominated for Best New England Film, 
Best Short, Best Actress Sarah Nicklin  and Best Screenplay!

Indie Filmmaker Skip Shea’s Short 
Lands 4 Nominations at the
 2012 MA Indie Film Festival

- BOSTON, Ma (Sept. 28, 2012)Choices,” the comedic short film by Massachusetts writer/director Skip Shea, received four (4) nominations in the 2012 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival screening through Friday at several Boston theater venues.
Sarah Nicklin

    Written, produced and directed by Mr. Shea, “Choices” has officially been nominated for Best New England Film, Best Short, Best Actress Sarah Nicklin and Best Screenplay! Choices will screen Friday, September 28, 2012 at the Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA at 3:50 pm. If you're in the area, Mr. Shea cordially invites you to attend!
The gorgeous Sarah Nicklin
      Shot on location in Worcester, "Choices" is about Michael, a football fantasy league player and avid sports and professional wrestling fan who is in a relationship with Sarah, an arts enthusiast who is searching for the more refined things in life. They both must make choices to decide the future of their relationship. As Michael says, “Albert Camus said ‘life is the sum of all your choices.’ I made the choice to quote him. Sarah likes it when philosophers are quoted. I like it when football stats are.”
   “It’s an honor to be recognized by this great group of film industry supporters,” said Mr. Shea. “And I am especially grateful to the talented “Choices” cast Michael Reed, Niki Luparelli and Sarah Nicklin who is in line for Best Actress in this festival. As a director, I can say that the cast was stellar and very trusting. They were all so prepared I actually had very little work to do."
The busty blond beauty
Niki Luparelli
Mr. Shea has accumulated a long list of awards and accolades for his films and screenplays, including his recent Microcinema,” produced by Massachusetts-based Harvest Tide Productions and written and directed by Harvest Tide Productions co-founder Mr. Shea. Microcinema recently won the fan-based 2012 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award Honorable Mention for best Short Film. 
     A feature length screenplay for "Microcinema" was a semi-finalist in this year’s Shriekfest 2012 Horror Film Festival. His comedic short screenplay "The Bar" took runner up in the Comedy Short Script category at the 19th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival in 2010.

  About Skip Shea: He is a writer, director, producer, artist, actor, performer and poet from Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Mr. Shea is also the co-founder of Harvest Tide Productions and the writer and director of the award winning horror short film, "Microcinema." The short is now being adapted into a feature length film. 
   He is also co-producing the horror based web series "Longreach" and a new age comedy, which he wrote, "Lotus Star." He took the runner-up award in the comedy short screenplay competition for his script "The Bar" at the 19th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival.
    Mr. Shea has written and performed a one man show called "Catholic (Surviving Abuse & Other Dead End Roads)" chronicling his life as a survivor of clergy sexual abuse, the death of his daughter and his road to wellness. The show opened in December 5, 2005 in New York City. 

Watch Skip Shea's one man show on YOUTUBE here which includes slides of his art!

Teaser Poster for CHOICES (2012)
    Skip has also written, directed and produced five short films "Mail," "Video Diary: Last Entry," "They Serve Breakfast Here All Day Long," "Putting On Its Shoes" and "Choices."  "Mail" was selected for the invite only at the 11th Annual Pawtucket Film Festival. "Video Diary: Last Entry" was screened at the First Massachusetts Independent Film festival and "They Serve Breakfast Here All Day Long" was screened at the SENE Art and Film Festival.
   He can be seen in the films like Richard Kelly’s "The Box," Lasse Hallström’s "Hachi: A Dog’s Tale," Ang Lee's "Taking Woodstock" and Martin Scorsese’s "Shutter Island." He was also in William Smyth’s "Labor Day," which screened at the 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival
   His artwork has been on display in places like the As220 in Providence, RI, The Warwick Museum of Art, The Center for Peaceful Living, Inc. and chezTGN in Brooklyn, NY.

   Accomplishments: Mr. Shea has put together a team and a business plan to run a successful web series company with William DeCoff's "Longreach" as the first horror based series. Mr. Shea is also has a new age comedy in development and has also adopted two screenplays and has been commissioned to write a third.
 1- Co-Founder Harvest Tide Productions
November 2010 – Present (1 year 11 months) - Harvest Tide is a web series production company. Presently we have the horror/thriller series "Longreach" in pre-production and several other series in development including "Lotus Star" a new age comedy, "The Adventures of Zoe and Sophia" a divorced woman's comedy and "Evidence Withheld" a true crime drama.
 2- Actor SAG / AFTRA
Privately Held; Myself Only; Performing Arts industry
2006 – Present (6 years)
 3- Owner Fourth Street Production Company
December 2005 – Present (6 years 10 months) - I am currently writing, producing and directing short movies. While in between projects I take acting jobs as well as continue to write and produce art.
 4- Actor, Writer, Director
Theatre, Film & Television
2005 – Present (7 years)

Contact: Mr. Skip Shea
- emailskipshea@gmail.com
Phone508 282 - 9847

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