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HORROR ON SEA Film Festival: January 2013: Will Shock Amaze And Astound South East Essex UK !

 A Very Warm Welcome 
From The Inaugural

C O M I N G 
JANUARY 18th -20th 2013
Just when you think you can relax after Christmas along comes the first
 ever Horror-on-Sea Film Festival! This brand new feast of the spooky, macabre and plain downright weird, is brought to all you horror fans out
 there by The White Bus, the folks behind the Southend-on-Sea Film Festival.

Launched at the recent Zombie Walk, Horror-on-Sea will be running from 
Friday to Sunday, 18th to 20th January, at the Park Inn Palace Hotel 
(on Southend seafront) and will be screening a fine selection of new
 independent horror films from the UK and across the globe. 

Set to shock, amaze and astound the good folks of 
south east Essex (and beyond) in January, 2013.

Monday, June 18, 2012

HEADPRESS: The Gospel According To Unpopular Culture: Quarterly limited edition hardback book plus free online HEADzine

The Gospel According to Unpopular Culture
      Twenty-one years is a long time in publishing. Since the 1991 release of the first biannual HEADPRESS anthology of independent writing, thousands of publications have come and gone. Whilst others have fallen despite major commercial backing, HEADPRESS has survived, resolutely self-sufficient, amassing a global readership attracted by its standards of quality and originality, its consistent commitment to content over style.
headpress website here
     For those in the know HEADPRESS has been on the radar for far longer, with a delightful combination of the weird and the wonderful, new journalism, features and reviews. Known for years as the journal of sex, religion and death and guided by the creative vision of editor, cofounder and contributor David Kerekes, more recently the HEADPRESS anthology has become a quarterly limited edition hardback book, plus free online HEADzine (which quixotically acknowledges HEADPRESS' emergence from the underground by way of the counterculture of the sixties).

NEW BOOK by David Kerekes

- Title: Mezzogiorno: Life. Death. Southern Italy
- Author: David Kerekes
- Publisher: Headpress
- Published: Jan 24, 2012
- Format: Hardback (Exclusive to Headpress site) 
- Size: 152mm x 229mm 
- Page Count: 186 
- ISBN-13: No ISBN 
- Weight: 250 grams
- Genre: Fiction 
- Synopsis: A a work of biography, fact, fable and superstition spanning three generations of southern Italian family life. Set amidst a landscape of peasant riots, vicious landlords, religious festival, feuds, the collapse of the Fascist party, and the tarantella — a world lost to the changing face of the twenty-first century.  Click here
Deluxe hardback edition. SIGNED by the author and individually stamped edition of 50 COPIES ONLY. Available now... exclusive to this website!
Click here to buy now! 

"Europe ends at Naples and ends badly.
Calabria, Sicily and all the rest belong to Africa."
Creuzé de Lesser, 1806
     No geographical map distinguishes Montefalcione as being different from any number of isolated mountain villages in southern Italy. It has ancient customs and its own saints and feast days, like other villages.
     Yet Montefalcione in Campania is the setting for a unique meditation on family and the Italian Diaspora, reconstructing three generations of village life through myth, superstition, and the anecdotal history of the author’s own family.
     The drama unfolds amidst a landscape of peasant riots, vicious landlords, religious festival, feuds, the collapse of the Fascist party, and the tarantella — a world lost to the changing face of the twenty-first century.
     By David Kerekes, co-author of Killing for Culture and See No Evil.

              List of characters
  • When entering the village of Montefalcione
  • Italy Iantosca 1955
  • The tradition of the chicken
  • Bread & labour
  • A slight earthquake
  • Brigandage
  • The evil eye
  • Duce, fascisti!
  • A dozen ricottas
  • Sanduccio’s gate
  • Jus sanguinis
  • Contraband
  • A fight at the wedding
  • The drowning of Martignetti’s wife & daughter
  • Montevergine
  • The election day quarrel
  • Natalina falls ill
  • Zi Minuccio, the agent for the village
  • Festa
  • A toast to Saravatico
  • Diaspora
                  - Bibliography & Sources
              - Acknowledgement
              - About the author
      Deluxe hardback edition. SIGNED by the author and individually stamped edition of 50 COPIES ONLY. Available now... exclusive to this website. Click here to buy now! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dr. Chris RADIO OF HORROR on WCUW 91.3 FM: Covers all aspects of horror including movies, tv shows, comics, video games, books, toys and even special guest celebrities!

Dr. Chris Radio of Horror
91.3 FM WCUW 
 Worcester, MA
Every Sunday Night 
12 midnight to 2:30 am

Listen to Dr. Chris Live here

Dr. Chris Radio of Horror Show has been on the air since October 2007. 

Live from the WCUW radio station in Worcester, MA on 91.3 FM   

Dr. Chris Radio of Horror Show covers all aspects of horror including movies
 tv shows, comics, movie conventions, film festivals & guests, video games, plays, books 
and toys. Guest celebrities such as Malcolm McDowell, D. Walace Stone, Kane Hodder, 
Jack Ketchum and many others were all featured on his show. Dr. Chris is also the
 author of a soon to be released children's Halloween book.
click here
Dr. Chris also plays all kinds of horror related 
songs and popular rock music on his radio show!

Dr. Chris Radio Of Horror
Official website here
Dr. Chris and author Jack Ketchum
Dr. Chris (middle) conducting an interview his radio studio in MA
Listen to Dr. Chris Live here
Dr.Chris with actor Lance Henrickson
click here
Dr. Chris with actor Doug Jones
Listen to Dr. Chris Live here
Dr. Chris with Gunner Leatheface Hanson.
The actor with the human skin mask and chainsaw 

Dr. Chris Radio Of Horror 
Official website here

Monday, June 11, 2012

MISTRESSES OF HORROR ALLIANCE: A Private Affair For Female Horror Film-Makers: Cana Rum Bar, California

A Private Affair for Female
 Horror Film-Makers

Location: CANA RUM BAR
For directions click here
Address: 714 West Olympic Boulevard 
 (Downtown)  Los Angeles, CA  90015
(213) 745-7090
Date: Friday, July 6th 2012
Admission: Only $30

To reserve your seats, contact Maude here 
 NOTE: No tickets will be sold at the door the night of the event! 
The intimate atmosphere in CANA RUM BAR
For directions click here
The festivities include:
 Full Catered Dinner
To reserve your seats, contact Maude here 
 NOTE: No tickets will be sold at the door the night of the event! 
Alcoholic Beverages & Cocktails 
The intimate CANA RUM BAR 
atmosphere with jukebox
To reserve your seats, contact Maude here 
 NOTE: No tickets will be sold at the door the night of the event! 
Fabulous Gifts from Our Sponsors!
One of which is:
To reserve your seats, contact Maude here 
 NOTE: No tickets will be sold at the door the night of the event! 
 Plenty of Business Networking
For directions click here
To reserve your seats, contact Maude here 
 NOTE: No tickets will be sold at the door the night of the event! 
For directions click here
The cozy CANA RUM BAR 
interior with fireplace & skylight
To reserve your seats, contact Maude here 
 NOTE: No tickets will be sold at the door the night of the event! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

FREE Streaming: MICROCINEMA: online cult favorite indie horror short movie from Harvest Tide Productions

Happy Summer Solstice from HARVEST TIDE
FREE Streaming of Horror Short
         June 7, 2012 - News Flash! Harvest Tide Productions is giving indie horror
 fans a treat today with two weeks of free streaming of it's online cult hit horror short Microcinema. Click here to watch this well received cult favorite!
Microcinema Writer and 
Director Mr. Skip Shea
     Microcinema wowed critics and audiences last year at several horror film festivals and screenings within the few short months of its release. Screenings in 2011 included:  the 1st Annual Danish Horror Film Festival: THE TURBINE at Spinderihallerne, Vejle, Denmark; All Things Horror Shudder Fest at the Somerville Theater in Somerville, MA; Short Horror Films at AS220 in Providence, RI; the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival; and before Canadian horror film fans at Fright Night Theater presents: ABSENTIA and Microcinema at the Staircase Cafe Theater in Hamilton, Ontario and at the 2012 Shock Stock Convention at Centennial Hall in London, Ontario. 
Actress Aurora Grabill
           It has also won the 2012 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Honorable Mention Award for Best Horror Short. Written and directed by Skip Shea and starring Alex Lewis and Aurora Grabill (right)Microcinema tells the story of Peter Martell, a highly educated well-to-do young man with a lot of free time on his hands. He spends this time watching snuff films. 
      One day he makes the bold decision to cross the line from observer to participant, aspiring to bring a philosophical element to his own kind of snuff films. Ready to go to work, he tracks his first victim into a haunted New England wood, where the line between participant and observer takes a different turn.
     Mr. Shea said "We wanted to thank everyone for their continued support and thought this would be the best way to do it. Especially with Summer Solstice approaching, because after that, we slip back towards darkness."
Click here to watch this well received cult favorite!     
  In 2011, Microcinema scored on several best-of lists and gained momentum as a cult favorite and a hit with horror reviewers. Chris Conduit of 
The Conduit Speaks,  put Microcinema as the best horror short of the year giving it his official Conduit Award.
     Danielle Holman writing for Truly Disturbing Horror, www.trulydisturbing.com 
listed Microcinema as one of the five best horror films saying, "Skip Shea’s seven-
minute short film is deserving in the ranks of the big films as it’s able to accomplish 
more in less than ten minutes than an hour and a half feature length film."
In her Bleeding Dead film reviewshe has called Microcinema 
"one of the most important horror films of our time."

Here is what the top horror reviewers and critics
 are saying about MICROCINEMA...
"In what stands out as a giddy teenager spitting in the face of authority, Harvest Tide Productions and Uxbridge, MA’s own Skip Shea have crafted a short film that solidly runs all the lines of horror while establishing its own "unique and disturbing storyline that scares (pun intended) away from the genre’s usual archaic tropes." - Josh Lyford, Pulse Magazine

"This is a 6 minute experience genre fans owe themselves. It’s rare these days to find full length Hollywood feature films that feel fresh, let alone 6 minute shorts made on tiny budgets." - Life After Undeath Blog

"The film is brave and unrelenting. It is a breath of fresh air to a lot of the common horror tricks that are being trotted out time and again." -Alexandra West, Scare Tactics Blog

"Skip Shea is an adept director with equal ability to write, his short film gets more across than most full length films.  4 out of 5 Stars" - The Bleeding Dead Film Reviews 

"You will not be expecting to see the events that unfold in this shocking short film." - The Horror Spot

"The script itself deserves kudos for completely drawing your attention to the one aspect we would expect every horror film to contain and then suddenly shocks you with an element you rarely see in this genre." -  The Scariest Movies Online 

"I figured I was in for one of three things:  a really solid work, a bite size film that left me feeling nothing, or one of those that makes me want to substitute rat poison for the salt on my dinner table.  Those are the three categories all art falls into for me, always. Yet, when it was all said and done, Shea's vignette carved a whole new icky slot out just for itself. 
9 out of 10 Stars" - The Conduit Speaks

"Brilliant! 8.5 out of 10 Stars" - The Gruesome Hurtzogg Horror Movie Review Podcast

"4 out of 5 Stars" - Char Hardin 
"What I find particularly interesting about Microcinema is its plot and how it seems to blend together torture, voyeurism, and a lot of other really weird horrific topics like snuff films." - Horror Society 

"Like Cracker Jacks, Microcinema, a short film by Skip Shea, ends with a surprise in the bottom. The good news is that it's better than a plastic ring." - Chris Hallock, All Things Horror

"Microcinema Doesn't Disappoint" - Victor Infante, Worcester Telergram & Gazette

"The new indie horror romp Microcinema and it is a doozy." - Truly Disturbing Horror

"Interesting short that starts as your usual slasher/serial killer fare before taking a wicked little turn."  - Shaun Sjolin Cenobiteme Blog

"Unicornsblud Horror Review Stamp of Majestic Approval"  - Unicronsblud's Horror Reviews

“Twisted and sick but with a new vision.” - The Dr. Chris Radio of Horror

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DISTURBING BEDTIME TALES Volume 1: For Very Bad People: by Dean Wilkinson: Anthology That Takes the Medium of the Fairytale and Fable to New Dimensions of Dark and Twisted, Comedic Surrealism!

Volume 1
"For Very Bad People"
by Dean Wilkinson
An adult, dark comedy e-book!
Comprised of short fairy-tale stories and poems with...
 very surreal and twisted humor! 

- Attention: Start reading Disturbing Bedtime Tales Volume 1 on your Kindle 
in under one minute! Don't have a Kindle? No problem! Get your Kindle here

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KILLOGY®: Alan Robert's Acclaimed Comic Book A Four Issue Crime, Dark Comedy and Horror Mini Series Published by IDW


 This original, four issue mini-series kicks off in October 2012 from IDW... the award winning comics publisher!

      KILLOGY®, a new comic book series from IDW about three murderers whose characters are based on the likenesses of actor Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, The Sopranos), Ramones drummer Marky Ramone and actress Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter). genre-busting mash-up of crime, dark comedy and horror, the four-issue mini-series kicks off in October and was written and illustrated by Alan Robert, creator of the critically acclaimed horror graphic novel, Crawl To Me (which is now being scripted for a live-action adaptation). Alan was also the bassist in former New York City hardcore band Life of Agony

     He’s got an interesting story: went to art school in NY on a scholarship. Had every intention of becoming a comic book artist and was even taught by legendary Thor artist Walt Simonson. However, the year he graduated, Life of Agony was offered a record deal with Roadrunner and forced to make a choice, he opted for music. However, he never lost his passion for comics and continued to develop an idea called Wire Hangers, which was published in 2010 to critical acclaim. According to a press release from IDW, Killogy® is 
"an off-the-wall, genre-busting mash-up of crime, dark comedy and horror." 

  After creating the concept...
Alan Robert decided to base the characters
on Vincent, Ramone and Grant. 
   He said "I had specific ideas on what these characters should look like and I’d constantly find myself comparing them to the stars we ended up approaching. I thought it would be a complete long shot to get them involved, but to my surprise, they were all very receptive to the idea." 

   Mr. Robert went on to say, "When I was growing up, I must’ve seen Goodfellas and Raging Bull about forty times each, easy. I mean, I can still recite entire scenes by heart. The same goes for my old Ramones records. They are total classics to me. So now, to be working with some of my childhood heroes, along with Brea, on something so cool and different like this, what can I say... it’s a great honor and at the same time, it’s a bit surreal." 

  "When I was a boy, one of the first things that inspired me to be an entertainer was comic books," Frank Vincent said, "they were the rage then and now they're the rage all over again... it's a great feeling to be on a cover of a comic book and reach an audience through this great medium." Actress Brea Grant added, “There's nothing more exciting than seeing yourself as a comic book character.”       
    The KILLOGY® project was green-lit by IDW back in 2011, but the stars were not quite part of the equation at that time. Shortly after signing the deal, Mr. Robert came up with the concept of basing his three main KILLOGY® characters on Vincent, Ramone and Grant. “You rarely see an original, creator-owned comic series that features celebrities depicting its characters. I thought it would be interesting, in the same way The Twilight Zone had guest stars at the center of its stories” said Alan Robert.                                                                                             
Actor Frank Vincent (left) with
 KILLOGY creator Alan Robert

“I'm happy that IDW has become the home for Alan Robert's dark and wayward visions," said Chris Ryall, 
IDW's Chief Creative Officer.     

“I feel like we're not only helping society by keeping his horrific proclivities focused on comics but we're also helping bring some truly inventive and captivating comics to the world as well.   I'm very happy to continue that trend with KILLOGY®.” 

Written and illustrated by Mr. Alan Robert, the creator of Crawl to Me and 
Wire Hangers (right),
KILLOGY® the original, four-issue mini-series kicks off in October 2012 from IDW...
 the award- winning comic book publisher. 

Visit the KILLOGY® website here

On You Tube here

    SYNOPSIS: Three strangers, all accused of murder, sit impatiently inside a dingy police holding cell waiting to be arraigned. One by one, the characters recount the events which led to their unforeseen arrests and, to their surprise, their stories are mysteriously intertwined. Each of the self-contained issues are told in stand-alone format, easy for new readers to jump in. The ironic twist endings will feel reminiscent of those found in The Twilight Zone. Frank Vincent, famous for his various roles in Goodfellas, Raging Bull and The Sopranos stars as Sally Sno-Cones alongside Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Marky Ramone, and actress Brea Grant, popular for her roles on NBC’s Heroes and Showtime’s Dexter.

KILLOGY® Issue 1 (Cover A)
Frank Vincent is Sally Sno-Cones
      What do you get when you throw three murderers into one prison cell together?
That's the question poised by Crawl to Me creator Alan Robert's new series Killogy®
Very intriguing, right? But this series takes it one step further by asking not only what happens when three murderers are locked together, but what if those murderers are 
based on the likenesses of Goodfellas and Raging Bull star Frank Vincent, legendary 
punk drummer Marky Ramone and Dexter's Brea Grant?  
More information about Alan Roberts here

      This past January, his graphic novel Crawl To Me sold out in the first week of its release. A deluxe hardcover rendition (titled Crawl To Me: Evil Edgar Edition) is 
due out for San Diego Comic Con in July, 2012. 
      Crawl To Me is also being scripted for a live-action adaptation with director 
David A. Armstrong attached (he was the cinematographer for the successful box-office franchise SAW) with screenwriters David White & T.J. Cimfel (Shut In) penning the screenplay. Armstrong is currently directing the indie hostage drama, Pawn, starring Michael Chiklis (The Shield, Fantastic Four) and Academy Award winner, Forest Whitaker.
       Another interesting angle to Alan's story... there's a history of comic books and rock & rollers: Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, Rob Zombie, Glenn Danzig, Claudio Sanchez from Coheed & Cambria are all comic book creators.  Let's not forget the classic KISS comic put out by Marvel back in 1977 (inked in their own blood).

More Details here

KILLOGY®  Issue 1 (Cover B)
Marky Ramone is Cole Edwards

KILLOGY® Issue 1 (Cover C)
Brea Grant is Summer Rhoades


Alan Robert on twitter here

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