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DIABOLIQUE Magazine Amazes Fans and Celebrities! HorrorHound Weekend: March 23-25, 2012

DIABOLIQUE Magazine booth display
March 23-25, 2012 
 Crowne Plaza Columbus North in Columbus, Ohio
 Shared with DIABOLIQUE Magazine
 DIABOLIQUE Magazine Logo 
March 23-25, 2012 
 Crowne Plaza Columbus North in Columbus, Ohio
- D I A B O L I Q U E is a lavishly illustrated full-color magazine that explores horror in both classic and contemporary films, literature, theater, history & art. It also has an extraordinary graphic layout & design which is unlike any other Horror Genre
magazine you have ever seen before and is rapidly garnering worldwide attention!

- By presenting in-depth coverage and reviews, rare theatrical posters, original studio art work, visually stunning images, concise commentary & exclusive articles from a world-wide network of established writers and other experts including ones outside the usual genre circuit... D I A B O L I Q U E imparts a fresh perspective on the classics and many other exceptional Horror films that may be totally new to most readers. 

- D I A B O L I Q U E Magazine is also printed on very high quality, gloss paper, making
each issue a genuine Collector's Edition!

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Graphic Novel: VIRGIN VAMPIRES "once upon a time in Transylvania" Coming Late Fall 2012

Coming from:
 McFarland Publishers 

 "the uber-porphyria epic graphic novel"
Once Upon a Time . . . In Transylvania!

- JOE ORSAK: His remarkable illustrations have already won him an international
 cult following for his unique ability to create an original form of illustration that exists
 on a delicate balance between full attention to realistic detail and an aura of 
expressionistic other-worldliness.

- DOUGLAS BRODE: A film scholar and university professor who collaborated
 with Joe Orsak by providing the text for the first of their critically acclaimed 
graphic novels, Yellow Rose of Texas: The Myth of Emily Morgan  
- Written by: Douglas Brode
- Illustrated by: Joe Orsak 
- Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-4520-2
- Ebook ISBN: 978-0-7864-6200-1
- Description: full color illustrations
- Details: 135pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2010
About the Graphic NovelYellow Rose of Texas: The Myth of Emily Morgan
It tells the fact based story of the African-American woman who inspired the world famous folk song. In this graphic novel the adventures of Emily Morgan reveal the Texas war for independence through the eyes of a black woman who survived the Alamo and played an important part in winning the war. While the story of Texas is told with attention to historical detail, the story of Emily is elevated to a romantic myth.

  To view other great samples of Joe Orsak's unique style of art click here
               EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW
               VIRGIN VAMPIRES
 VIRGIN VAMPIRES draws heavily on the 
unique visual Gothic style of the Hammer Horror
Films produced between 1958 and 1973
VIRGIN VAMPIRES includes virtually all the other
 great cinematic renderings of the vampire legends!
- About the creators: Douglas Brode is a novelist, screenwriter, playwright, film historian, and award winning journalist. He teaches courses on various popular culture subjects at the Newhouse School of Public Communications, Department of Radio, TV and Film, at Syracuse University. The author of more than 35 books on the visual and performing arts, he regularly appears on national radio and TV shows as a special guest. 

- Joe Orsak is a professional graphic illustrator born in Syracuse, New York. Joe traveled the world as a youth, graduating from high school in Rome, Italy. He returned to the States in 1970 to attend Syracuse University, graduating in 1974. Working in advertising during the seventies, Joe began to develop his skill as a graphic storyteller. His work has appeared in a number of newspapers, comic books and graphic novels.         
 VIRGIN VAMPIRES is an apotheosis of all that
has come before... with an entirely new origination 
fable that at last, ties all the loose ends together!
VIRGIN VAMPIRES also incorporates visual 
and narrative homages to the UNIVERSAL PICTURES
classic horror films of the 1930s and 1940's
To view some other great samples of 
Joe Orsak's unique style of art click here

The Characters in VIRGIN VAMPIRES
Each, real and imaginary... has been the subject of fiction and film numerous times. 
But their inter-connectedness has never been fully explained until now!
The Wallachian warlord who dared to attack the knights of Western Europe under the command of Baron Frankenstein and, in time, inspired Irish writer... 

To draw on his full and careful research into Vlad Dracule, as well as his fascination with the age-old lore of the vampire in Eastern Europe, creating . . . 

The fictional figure who menaces Victorian-era London, arriving from Transylvania to prey on its prim and proper women, turning them into his sex slaves.
The beautiful, innocent-in- appearance blonde aristocratic teenager who, as a figure of popular fiction, preceded even Dracula when . . . 

Dublin based writer and mentor to his young student Bram Stoker, brought this seductive and deadly nymphette to 
life after learning the 
history of . . .

A relative of Vlad the Impaler who sought to retain her perfect beauty down through the ages by bathing in the warm blood of virgins.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Short: P.O.V. Coming May 2012: A Psychological Thriller With An Ending YOU Will Never Forget!

A photography and videography 
company based in Los Angeles
Coming in May 2012
 "evil has a point of view"

P. O. V. is a psychological thriller in the development stages that tells the story of a devoted housewife, her successful husband, and their 21 year-old son. While cleaning, the wife discovers a DVD hidden in her husband's study, and it's contents are beyond her worst nightmares; a point-of-view video of a man murdering a woman in a seedy motel. 
- In shock, the wife looks to see where the DVD came from and uncovers a trove of these horrific videos hidden in her husband's wall. With a story that will shake you to the core
and an ending that you'll never forget, this short film will be something to talk about.

- We plan on shooting the film over the course of three days in the latter half of May, 2012. Casting will take place starting in a couple weeks and will last a few weeks or until the roles are filled. Several of the locations have already been scouted but we are still scouting for certain locations we have yet to find. Once we have all of the locations, cast, and crew positions filled we will have about two weeks of preparation and rehearsal.

- We have a detailed budget that will make very efficient use of the money we are asking for. By running our own small video and photography company we have built up many types of valuable resources, from equipment to important connections. Unfortunately, we still need some seed money to make this film a reality, especially at the level of quality we envision. Most of the funds will go towards our cinematographer, set design and decoration, sound engineer, locations, actors, food and of course travel expenses for the cast and crew.
P. O . V.  
A Short Thriller 
- After the film is in the can, we intend on submitting P.O.V. to several major film festivals as well as some of the more established niche fests out there, including ones focused on thrillers and female-centered movies. Depending on how our final film is received, we may even pursue a feature version of the film. Our intention is also to use this film as a calling card for all of the cast and crew involved, helping to develop a strong community and successful relationships from which we can all benefit. We will stay in touch with everyone who is interested in our project and we will keep you all informed on the reception of P.O.V. as well as related events and our future projects.

- Teddy Cecil (Writer/Director): As a boy growing up in New York, Teddy had big dreams of becoming a filmmaker. By the time he was fourteen he was splicing his own 16mm films together and knew that movies were his passion. Around the same age, the Semi-Royal Shakespeare Company, America's oldest teenage Shakespeare acting troupe, recruited him. After four years of Shakespeare and a performing arts curriculum in high school, Teddy attended NYU, where he graduated with honors and received dual concentrations in cinema studies and producing. 
- While in school, Teddy continued to write and direct several of his own short films in addition to working as a freelance filmmaker. His studies included a semester in Amsterdam where he learned about international film production and a leave of absence to work directly for Ang Lee on his most recent film. 
- Teddy shot a making-of documentary throughout pre-production and production as well as much of the b-roll footage that was used in Lee's film Taking Woodstock. Since then he has worked on various TV and film projects ranging from independent to major studio productions. After graduating from college, Teddy moved out to Los Angeles where he now resides and works. 
- Brett Miller (Producer): Growing up on Long Island, New York, Brett Miller possessed a love for music and film, pursuing his passion for the drums at an early age. It wasn't until middle school... while shooting a skateboarding video with some friends on his father's VHS camcorder, that he discovered his affinity for producing and directing. 
- After writing and directing several short films in High School, he attended Amherst College, where he received his B.A. in English, with a concentration in Film Theory. Brett found his stride as a writer while pursuing Film Studies for a semester abroad in Paris, writing several screenplays and developing a series of short stories for production. 
- While in college, he also pursued his inherent love for both manual and digital photography, building a substantial portfolio of work by his senior year. Once out of school, he worked as an assistant cameraman on several independent features in New York, finally deciding to make the move to L.A. at the start of 2010.  Brett is currently assistant producing an independent feature film which recently finished production.  He resides and works in Los Angeles.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Film By Dominik Moll: THE MONK lead us not into temptation

The quad poster (above) for Vincent Cassel in THE MONK (2011) has been released and
 what an exceptional, Gothic presence it gives! Mr. Cassel has been duly noted for that
 powerful and hypnotic gaze which is the focus of that visually stunning  poster. 
American one-sheet poster
The MONK (2011) is based on the 1796 novel by Matthew Lewis and at the time, the book was notorious for its horrifying imagery. The story follows Capucino Ambrosio who’s lured down the path of carnal persuasion, despite his sacred religious beliefs…
THE MONK(2011)
Story line: Adapted from Matthew Lewis' novel by Moll and Anne-Louise Trividic...
THE MONK recounts the diabolical decline of Ambrosio (Vincent Cassel), a Capuchin superior, who succumbs first to temptations offered by a young girl who has entered his monastery disguised as a boy, and continues his descent with increasingly depraved acts of sorcery, murder, incest and torture. Combining sensationalism with acute psychological insight, this masterpiece of Gothic fiction is a powerful exploration of how violent and erotic impulses can break through the barriers of social and moral restraint.
- Starring: Geraldine Chaplin, Deborah Francois, Sergi Lopez, Roxane Duran, Jordi Dauder, Catherine Mouchet, Javivi and Josephine Japy all assume a role in the film.
THE MONK (LE MOINE) hits Spain June 24th, 2011 then France July 13th.
Vincent Cassel stars as Capucin Ambrosio 
in ATO Pictures' The MONK (2011)
Vincent Cassel in a scene from The MONK (2011)
The MONK opens in the UK on April 27, 2012
Starring Vincent Cassel, the film is an adaptation of Matthew Lewis' gothic novel, from way back in 1796. Famed for its horrific images and graphic violence, the text became quite influential, particularly on the surrealist Movement: Luis Buñuel almost filmed the novel in the '60s, before Ado Kyrou adapted that script into Le Moine in 1972.
Vincent Cassel stars as Capucin Ambrosio 
in ATO Pictures' The MONK (2011)
A scene from ATO Pictures' The MONK (2011)
A scene from ATO Pictures' The MONK (2011)
Vincent Cassel stars as Capucin Ambrosio and
 Deborah Francois stars as Valerio in
 ATO Pictures' The MONK (2011)
Vincent Cassel stars as Capucin Ambrosio in ATO Pictures' The Monk (2011)
A scene from ATO Pictures' The MONK (2011)
The story follows Cassel's titular monk Capucino Ambrosio, a devout religious 
man who's led down a very dark path by his carnal temptation.
 You can understand why it caused a stir with 18th-Century readers ...
A scene from ATO Pictures' The MONK (2011)
Vincent Cassel stars as Capucin Ambrosio 
in ATO Pictures' The MONK (2011)
Actor Vincent Cassel and director Dominik Moll attend 
The MONK (El Monjephotocall at the French Institute in Madrid.
(January 24, 2012 - Photo by PacificCoastNews.com)
Actor Vincent Cassel attends The MONK (El Monje)
 photocall at the French Institute in Madrid
(January 24, 2012 - Photo by PacificCoastNews.com)
Actor Vicent Cassel attends The MONK (El Monje) photocall 
at French Institute on January 24, 2012 in Madrid, Spain
(January 23, 2012 - Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe)
PREMIERE for THE MONK  'Le Moine' (2011) 
(l to r) Deborah Francois, Vincent Cassel, Josephine Japy
(July 12, 2011 - Photo by Bauer Griffin)
PREMIERE for THE MONK  'Le Moine' (2011) 
Vincent Cassel stars as Capucin Ambrosio 
(July 12, 2011 - Photo by Bauer Griffin)
Director Dominik Moll, Josephine Japy, Vincent Cassel
The closing ceremony of the Festival Paris Cinema with 
the screening of  Mr. Moll's latest film...
The MONK "Le Moine", at the MK2 Bibliotheque
(July 12, 2011 - Photo by Bauer Griffin)
Vincent Cassel stars as Capucin Ambrosio
 in ATO Pictures' The Monk (2011)
Director Dominik Moll instructs Vincent Cassel for the
 next scene on the set of  THE MONK (2011) 
Vincent Cassel stars as Capucin Ambrosio 
in ATO Pictures' The Monk (2011)
Director Dominik Moll (right) instructs Vincent Cassel on
 how to pray for the next scene of  THE MONK (2011) 
The MONK "Le Moine" (2011)
 720p BluRay x 264 DTS-WiKi
- Synopsis: Madrid, in the 17th century. Abandoned at the doorstep of a monastery, Ambrosio has been brought up by the Capucin Friars. After becoming a friar himself, he becomes an unrivaled preacher whose sermons draw crowds and earn him the admiration
 of all. Admired for his extreme rigor and absolute virtue, Ambrosio is certain he is safe
 from any temptation. But Satan has not said his final word…
- Starring: Vincent Cassel, Déborah François, Joséphine Japy,
 Sergi López, Catherine Mouchet, Roxane Duran
- Director: Dominik Moll


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