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Scream Queen ELINA MADISON: Star of HUFF aka THE BIG BAD WOLF and 3 Horror / Thriller Movies to be Released in 2013: Halloween Party; The Black Tie and Creep Creepersin's Dracula

The sultry Elina Madison

The captivating Elina Madison
Elina Madison 
1- HUFF:  (costarring Charlie O'Connell, nominated for a "Bloody" award, will be distributed Internationally by Archstone and premiering in select cities April 2013).
2- HALLOWEEN PARTY: a twisted comedy - playing an edgy, flirtatious Cave Girl (on DVD Halloween, 2012).
3- THE BLACK TAPE: playing the lead, Alana Wilson, a caring mother and housewife in Ramone Menon's psychological thriller.
4- DRACULA: as Francine, the beautiful and loyal wife of Dracula in Creep Creepersin's Dracula (Jan 2013).   
  Though Elina Madison (former Elite Fashion Model) was most recently seen playing Susan Montemayor, a devoted wife, in the Discovery Channel series "Blood Relatives.
   She is best known for her concentration of work in the thriller, suspense, dark comedy and horror film genres. Her incredible portfolio of thriller work has earned her the moniker of "scream queen" of the silver screen, though critics and film experts alike say it's her acting abilities and what she brings to the table that keeps her working in all genres.
  Elina will soon be seen all over 
the world in four different films... 
as the desperate mother and abused wife Lorelei in Huff (with Charlie O'Connell, premiering in select cities April 2013), playing an edgy, flirtatious Cave Girl in Halloween Party (2012)  a twisted comedy (on DVD Halloween, 2012), as the lead Alana Wilson, a caring mother and housewife in Ramone Menon's psychological thriller The Black Tape and as Francine, the beautiful and loyal wife of Dracula in Creep Creepersin's  Dracula (Jan 2013).
Also being released on DVD November 13, 2012 is the highly acclaimed film Barracuda, where Elina stars opposite Christine Oldham as the well-to-do socialite "Lisa."  
 Charlie O’Connell will next be seen on the new popular TV series Zombie Family.
 Terry James’ next projects are as a stunt coordinator for The Last Duane 
CHOP (2011) Theatrical Poster
and a stunt driver in Feed the Dog.

About Elina Madison: 
Elina Madison has had a very successful career in film and television, and has worked with such luminaries as David Lynch on “Mulholland Drive” and Tom Hanks on “That Thing You Do.” 

Her recent work includes the feature films “Huff” (2013), “Chop” (2011) and the ensemble character study “Small Town Saturday Night” starring Chris Pine and John Hawkes.

Director Trent Haaga framing Will Keenan with Elina Madison
Direct quote from Elina Madison:
   "The horror industry is alive and well, and moving 
forward. The genre has such a huge fan base … 
they are so supportive!"
"A love that spans millennia"
Beware her lips....
starring Elina Madison, April Flowers and Regina Russell

  • - Actors: Elina MadisonAnthony CrissCalvi PabonLayton MatthewsMichael Aranda
  • - Directors: Paul WynneBrennon Jones
  • - Writers: Brennon Jones
  • - Producers: Paul WynneTanya YorkScott PfeifferMark Headley
  • - Format: Color, Dolby, NTSC
  • - Language: English
  • - Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
  • - Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • - Number of discs: 1
  • - Rated: R (Restricted)
  • - Studio: York
  • - DVD Release Date: September 23, 2003
  • - Run Time: 89 minutes
  • - Synopsis: Starlina Devine (Elina Madison) is signing copies of her book about el Chupacabra. The next man in queue, we later discover to be Goodspeed (Treach), rips into her beliefs and causes an altercation that leads to her expulsion from the store. During the altercation Goodspeed denies the existence of such creatures and brings Dracula into the discussion, but introducing Stoker's book was a dialogue stretch.
a todd wade film
look @ me
"suddenly watching is not enough" 
starring Elina Madison
Running Time: 92 minutes

Synopsis: A beautiful aspiring model, Tina ( ELINA MADISON - Black Tie Nights), 
has a personal website featuring images of herself for her fans.  Countless website
 fans log in regularly but for "Man46" the site has become a disturbing obsession!
Plot: Tina Tremaine works for a banking investment company and runs a fantasy website featuring herself. As her modeling career is about to take off she's kidnapped by one of her Web subscribers. He locks her away in his house in a windowless room 
wired with sound and video. While her friends and the police start a search he visits his psychotherapist. Is there any way she can aid in her own escape or will she have to depend on others?
Starring: Elina Madison, Tamika Lamison, Erin McQuown, Cynthia Price, Katherine Zofrea, Sophia Trone, Taylor Anderson, Jeff Doba, Bryan Kent, Mike Kimmel, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Ed Broaddus, J. Leland Thomas, Josh Adamson, Harry Lingus, Alan Waserman
Loose in the sorority...
  • - Actors: Elina MadisonSusan SmytheJuliet BradfordPhoebe DollarChristopher Michaels
  • - Directors: Joe Castro
  • - Writers: Eric Spudic
  • - Producers: Albert GordonBill DavisDavid S. SterlingMark J. Gordon
  • - Format: PAL
  • - Region: All Regions
  • - Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1
  • - Number of discs: 1
  • - Classification: 18
  • - Studio: Screen Entertainment
  • - DVD Release Date: 26 April 2004
  • - Run Time: 75 minutes
  • - Synopsis: Two teenage girls are desperate to get into the most popular sorority on campus. Their final pledge is to spend the night at an abandoned Halloween Spooky House. The sorority sisters have all kinds of scary plans for the girls. Unfortunately, what they all don't know is that there is psychotic killer squatting in the building. Great special effects, pretty women and plenty of nudity!
Change is the only constant in the universe.
Ray Bradbury's
starring: Elina Madison
About The Film:
    In the great tradition of one of America's most revered storytellers, CHRYSALIS presents a compelling exploration into human nature. In the future: The world is ravaged, our planet is in a state of decay. In a research facility a handful of scientists research ways to sustain plant life.    
   Scientist Benjamin Rockwell has been called to this decaying research facility. One of the scientists there, Smith, apparently has died. Smith lies on a table, his body transformed, his eyes and mouth grown shut. After getting over the shock, and completing an examination, Rockwell realizes that there is still a pulse within Smith...
   His body continues changing... a chrysalis has grown around Smith in order to protect him.
Now in earth's darkest hours these scientists must figure out what mysteries lay inside the chrysalis.
Urban Archipelago Films, producers of 2005's short film A Piece of Wood, have announced their new feature film, Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis. Producer Roger Lay Jr kindly supplied this behind-the-scenes photo from the first days of shooting. It tantalizingly gives a glimpse 
of the special effects which will be key to the concept of the movie. To the right of
 the photo is director Tony Baez Milan, with producer Mr. Lay next to him.
   CHRYSALIS is a thriller with a science fictional background and glimmers of hope from the beginning. Characters turn against each other's beliefs at the edge of a world that slowly disappears before they can discover ways to stop or prolong the planet's demise. Are they struggling hopelessly, trying to reach goals that may be unattainable?
    The debate of science vs. faith is explored as the characters struggle with their beliefs, their doubts, their dreams, and their fears. Can human beings change the course of nature? Could nature intervene as the world is effectively destroyed? Is the world worthwhile? In the darkest hours, would humans deserve another chance?
Elina Madison as Solda
in Ray Bradbury's
Directed by: Tony Baez Milan
Chrysalis big image
This compelling thriller is based on the short story written by Ray Bradbury, the acclaimed writer of such literary classics as FARENHEIT 451, THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES and SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES. The short story was originally published in AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE in 1946 and was later included in Bradbury's science fiction anthology titled S IS FOR SPACE.
     It is precisely Mr. Bradbury's legendary body of work and his numerous contributions to the literary and film industries that solidifies the world - wide appeal for this project.
   "I wrote the story and sent it to ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION and they rejected it", says Mr. Bradbury regarding the original story. "I rewrote it 3 times and finally when I was 24 years old it sold to AMAZING STORIES, but it took me four years when I was very young to write this story and get it published, and now that it's being turned into a motion picture over 50 years later it's great, I'm so happy." 
   The script for CHRYSALIS was developed under the master's guidance and it is the second collaboration between Urban Archipelago Films and this legendary author. 

Elina Madison (Solda) observes the CHRYSALIS
   The film features special creature effects by Romaire Studios, the FX facility 
founded by EMMY Award winner Lee Romaire (VAN HELSING, WAR OF THE WORLDS).
   Some of Mr. Romaire's recent credits include the TNT series NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES, based on the short stories of Stephen King as well as the HBO hit Drama series SIX FEET UNDER, for which he was awarded an Emmy award for outstanding make up effects (prosthetics).

John Klemantaski (THE CALL OF CTHULHU), Darren Kendrick (DISORDER), Corey Landis (DINOCROC VS. SUPERGATOR), Elina Madison (DEVIL GIRL), and newcomer Danny Cameron, Larry Dirk (VAMPIRE CLAN), and Glen Vaughan (JESSE JAMES: LEGEND, OUTLAW, TERRORIST)
Director: Howie Askins
Starring: Vanessa Kay, Elina Madison, Jessica Graham,
 Tim Abell, Keith Lewis and Willow Hale
DVD release date: November 24, 2009
Running Time: 93 minutes

Mini Review: Fantastic cinematography and editing for a low budget film!  And for that classification, it  surprisingly demonstrates a high degree of creativity in camera work, etc. 
It deftly pulled off some cool dream-like sequences and surreal hallucinogenic states! These aspects alone make this a highly recommended and worth the 1.5 hours or so of your life. 
Along with the female protagonist, there is a clown character and a devil girl that do random things. The story also successfully provides a circumlocutory attempt at specific answers. 
The overall experience is definitely a fun one and you will be very stimulated with the distinct visual element more than the plot.
Synopsis/PlotDevil Girl is a 2007 thriller film, directed by Howie Askins. The story revolves around Fay on her trip across Route 66 after the death of her father, who happened to be a mechanic. Fay takes her father's muscle car and his wedding ring, and departs from her home after saying her farewells to her sister. The story simultaneously follows the events of an overly medicated, nonsense-spewing young man in clown makeup, who appears to be dodging authorities while hopping from vehicle to vehicle along his travels. The clown stops at a gas station to steal a new ride; however, there is no vehicle to be found. The clown knocks out the cashier and steals the handy supply of drugs and junk food while a woman (the cowgirl) stops for gas. The clown then ties the woman up while Fay stops for gas. As Fay searches the station for a clerk the clown rummages through her car, stealing her wallet, and then leaves in the cowgirl's truck, which later breaks down. After the clown takes a mysterious ride in the Devil Girl's flying vehicle, and Fay's car breaks down, both stop separately in an eerie, highly religious, nearby town where Fay takes a room.
Director: Douglas A. Raine
Genre: Thriller Running time: 84 minutes
Cast:  Travis SchuldtJohn Savage, Elina MadisonBronson PinchotValery M. OrtizConor DuffyNatalie ZeaCarmen PalumboCarmen MorminoJeffrey T. UnterkoflerCristen Irene
   Synopsis: Miles Kody, is a documentary filmmaker. As Miles tapes his interviews with Vic he becomes aware of the appearance of "ghosts" captured on his video monitor. He realizes that the faint energy fields of these ghosts, past victims of the snuff films, are picked up more readily on video.
"A fanboy fantasy about lesbians, martial arts, high heels and science"
Featuring: Elina Madison as MINTY 
Cast:  Jacki R. Chan, Jade English, Nora Jesse, Chip Joslin, David A. Lockhart,  Ricardo Mamood-Vega, 
Anthony Ray Parker, McKay Stewart, Tabitha Taylor, Elan Tom, Hawk Younkins
"A fanboy fantasy about lesbians, martial arts, high heels and science"
Featuring: Elina Madison as MINTY 
Fantastic publicity photo featuring Elina Madison
Elina Madison as MINTY(lead heroine) says...  "I'm going to snap that boner in 
half and tear your balls off." She's a youthful, raven haired, punk rock, feminist, 
female super heroine, that gets her super powers from eating chocolate. Minty is
 inspired by the SuicideGirls. She's a sexier punk rock version of Aeon Flux, 
Trinity from The Matrix, and Selene from Underworld.

Tabitha Taylor 
(lead villainess in MINTY  2009

"Animals and humans are motivated to act by two things...  the need for food and the need for sex."

She's a blonde, full-figured, vampire seductress, who definitely sucks more than just blood. 

Double Delicious is inspired by the lesbian female vampires that graced the 1970’s retro films of Jean Rollin and Jess Franco, such as Vampyros Lesbos and most notably Fascination starring Brigitte Lahaie.

RIGHT -Tabitha Taylor (Double Delicious ) and Elina Madison (Minty)

Awesome press photo featuring Tabitha Taylor. 
She's proudly showing off her big breasts
 and those great "ass"ets!
Tabitha plays opposite Elina Madison
Nice shot of Tabitha Taylor who plays the lead villainess "Double Delicious"
featuring Elina Madison
Elina Madison, Rachel Sorsa Khoury, and Anora Lyn in Halloween Party.
Elina (left) plays an edgy, flirtatious Cave Girl in Halloween Party (2012)
 A twisted comedy available on DVD Halloween Day, 2012
May 25th, 2012
Theatrical Poster
"Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places"
a twisted comedy by Linda Palmer
Cast: Elina MadisonJulia SilvermanElle NewlandsMark Cardone
David BanksBen HanflingRachel SorsaFrank Gangarossa
Christine BlackburnAnora LynChris PentzellWalter RuskinJustin Anderson
American Theatrical Poster
"She's Coming To Get You"
Available on DVD November 13, 2012
In this highly acclaimed film,  the sultry Elina Madison stars 
opposite Christine Oldham as the well-to-do socialite "Lisa"
American Theatrical poster
Dracula (Jan 2013)
The captivating Elina Madison plays Dracula's very beautiful and loyal wife. 
Elina Madison plays the desperate mother and abused wife Lorelei in Huff. 
She is seen here comforting her daughter, the gorgeous Marie Bollinger.  
HUFF premiers in select cities April 2013
Watch HUFF movie trailer # 2 here
May 7, 2012   Photo: Gordon Vasquez REALTVFilms
 Derek Mears and Elina Madison at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012
     SANTA CLARITA (March 20, 2012) - With picture locked and in the final stages of sound and music design, the independent feature film HUFF from Windchaser Pictures was officially selected to premiere at Texas Frightmare Weekend, the Southwest’s Premiere Horror Convention taking place in Dallas, Texas May 4-6, 2012
Great publicity shot featuring the crew and cast
 HUFF (2012)
 The Southwest’s Premiere Horror Convention
Dallas, Texas May 4-6, 2012
May 7, 2012
Elina Madison and Marie Bollinger
HUFF (2012)
See more great photos from this event here
May 7, 2012
Ely Stefanko, Twisted Central and Clint Howard
2 stars from HUFF (2012)
 The Southwest’s Premiere Horror Convention
Dallas, Texas May 4-6, 2012
See more great photos from this event here
Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency DFW in Dallas, Texas
Star Charlie O'Connell, director Paul Morrell, stars Elina Madison and Clint Howard

Q&A Sessiom, "Huff" World Premiere

 The Southwest’s Premiere Horror Convention
Dallas, Texas May 4-6, 2012
See more awesome photos from that Q & A here
Watch new HUFF trailer here
(l to r) Marie Bollinger (Brixi), Ely Stefanko (Shay) and Jenna Stone (Styx)
HUFF's three stepdaughters... the "three pigs"
See more production photos of blond beauty Ely Stefanko here
HUFF Movie is now "Big Bad Wolf" for International Distribution
    HUFF, a clever adaptation of the classic bedtime story “The Three Little Pigs,” 
stars Charlie O’Connell (“The Bachelor, Season 7”) as Virgil “Huff” 
Huffington (the “Wolf”), a sexually abusive stepfather who embarks on a
 rage-induced killing spree as he pursues his three stepdaughters, "the 
three pigs" who have run away with his money intended for a big drug deal!
Watch new HUFF trailer here
Behind the scenes production photo from HUFF (2012)
(l to r) Jenna Stone (Styx)Marie Bollinger (Brixi)Ely Stefanko (Shay) 
HUFF's three stepdaughters... the "three pigs"
Randy Blekitas and Jenna Stone
HUFF (2012)
Watch new HUFF trailer here
Stunning profile shot featuring Marie Bollinger (Brixi) at night.
HUFF (2012)
Marie Bollinger as (Brixi) rides her motorcycle late at night.
HUFF (2012)
(l to r) Elly Stefanko, Marie Bollinger and Jenna Stone 
are in the desert filming a scene in HUFF (2012)
  “The folks at Texas Frightmare Weekend requested a screener of our rough cut and we were happy to oblige,” says Executive Producer and Writer Cort Howell. 
  “The fact that they selected our film based on an early, unfinished edit tells us that our hard work has paid off.”
    The film features a cameo appearance by Clint Howard (Apollo 13, Evilspeak, “Star Trek”) who is currently scheduled as a special guest at the fan-oriented film festival. (left) Samantha Gutstadt (Mary) and Holly Weber (Paula) on the set of HUFF
Natasha Alam as (Laci) on the set of HUFF
Watch new HUFF trailer here
July 2010 Playboy cover-model Natasha Alam 
Natasha plays "Laci" in HUFF (2012)
Natasha Alam (Laci) and Charlie O'Connell (Huff)
HUFF (2012)
Sexy Mayra Leal (Gina) plays the role of the strung out neighbor.
HUFF (2012)
Watch new HUFF trailer here
Stunning publicity photo featuring Mayra Leal 
 HUFF (2012)
Mayra Leal will appear on a panel at the:
 14th Annual Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival
Film screening takes place on September 15, 2012  at the Star Cinema Grill in 
Webster, Texas. She will be featured on a panel “Latinos in Film:  
Making Your Big Break Onto the Big Screen” with Director Baldemar Rodriguez
of “In Search of the American Dream” (the film we debut at the
 festival 9/13), Actress, Host, and Spokesperson Nellie Gonzalez, and one other
 surprise guest celebrity with Hector Luna, Publisher of C47 Magazine moderating.  
The film festival begins September 13th thru 16th. Actor Brandon Smith of “No Country
 for Old Men” to attend and receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in 
feature film. For more information, visit: GulfCoastFilmFest.com
Mayra Leal currently stars as (Gina) in Director Paul Morrell's HUFF (2012)
The latina temptress Mayra Leal
Alluring shot featuring the gorgeous actress Mayra Leal lying on the sand.
See more production shots of sexy Mayra here on the set of HUFF (2012)
The latina beauty Mayra Leal
Sexy shot featuring the gorgeous actress Mayra Leal
 posing in front of a Harley Davidson hard tail Motorcycle 
wearing her black leather jacket and bikini.
Mayra currently stars as (Gina) in HUFF (2012)
See more production shots of sexy Mayra here on the set of HUFF (2012)
Elina Madison (Lorelei), Paul Morrell (Director) and Amber Bollinger (Brixi)
Day 5 of the movie production on the set of HUFF
See more great production shots from HUFF here
     An early review from WhySoBlu.com hails HUFF as “a sickening twist to a 
childhood favorite.” As Huff, O’Connell “really shines.” And in the role of Huff’s 
wife (Lorelei, scream queen Elina Madison turns in a “chilling performance.” http://whysoblu.com/huff-2012-rough-cut-movie-review/

Elina Madison (Lorelei) and Amber Bollinger (Brixi)
Day 5 of the movie production on the set of HUFF
See more great production shots from HUFF here
December 9, 2011 www.HUFFmovie.com
Elina Madison (Lorelei) and Amber Bollinger (Brixi) rehearsing a scene.
Day 5 of the movie production on the set of HUFF

SANTA CLARITA (December 12th, 2011) The independent feature film HUFF has 
kicked off production in Santa Clarita, CA. A dark, allegorical adaptation of 
The Three Little Pigs stars Charlie O’Connell (“The Bachelor, Season 7”) as the 
sexually abusive title character who embarks on a rage-induced killing spree as he 
pursues his three stepdaughters who have stolen his money intended for a big drug deal.
See more great production shots from HUFF here

Elina Madison (Lorelei)Amber Bollinger (Brixi) and 
Paul Morrell (Director) in the background.
Day 5 of the movie production schedule on the set of HUFF
See more great production shots here


Praise is also lavished upon the trio of rising young stars in the roles of the step-daughters: Marie Bollinger (Hell-o-ween), Jenna Stone (A Haunting in Salem) (pictured left), and big screen newcomer Elly Stefanko.
   July 2010 Playboy cover-model Natasha Alam (“True Blood,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” "Twilight Shadow," "The Women") plays Huff’s kinky mistress, while sexy Mayra Leal (Machete) turns up in the role of a strung out neighbor.
   HUFF is expected to appear in other festivals around the country followed by a formal release in September 2012. 
  Windchaser Pictures is a privately funded independent feature film company. This is Windchaser’s first feature film project. Exclusive interview with Director Paul Morrell here

  Exclusive interview "Styx and Stone" with the captivating actress Jenna Stone (left) here

Makeup Artist Tara Hiljus applies fake blood on Jenna Stone's face.
Production shot on the set of HUFF (2012)
See some great production shots here featuring Jenna Stone on the set of HUFF (2012)
(l to r) Jenna Stone (Styx) sits quietly in the motorcycle 
sidecar as Marie Bollinger (Brixi) tries to comfort her.
HUFF (2012)
May 8th 2012
TEAXAS Frightmare Weekend 
DFW Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX
Rear (l to r) Director Paul Morrell and Charlie O’Connell 
Front (l to r) Elina MadisonEly Stefanko , Jenna Stone and Marie Bollinger
See more great photos of Jenna Stone from that Premier here
Elina Madison signing autographs at the HUFF booth
More great photos from BLOOD AT THE BEACH II
 and Elina's exclusive interview here

Blood at the Beach II brings terror and 

excitement to Virginia Beach Oceanfront!

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA - Zombies, ghouls and aficionados of all things scary and 
disturbing gathered at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, November 9 - 11, 2012 
for the “Blood at the Beach II”  horror convention, held at the Cavalier Hotel. 

Of the many highlights of the weekend, “Scream Queen” Elina Madison was in attendance to screen her latest movie, “Huff,” which will be distributed through Archstone Distribution under the name “Big Bad Wolf” in April of 2013.

A great publicity photo featuring the captivating beauty Elina Madison (right).
Photo: playboyblog
July 2010 Playboy cover-model Natasha Alam 
“True Blood”  "Twilight's Shadow"  "The Women"  “The Bold and the Beautiful” 
She now plays Virgil “Huff” Huffington's (the “Wolf”) kinky mistress in HUFF (2012)

Natasha Alam is featured in Playboy Magazine July 2010. Uzbekistan-born and an 
Iranian princess (by marriage), actress Natasha Alam has played a transvestite, a 
supermodel and a lesbian vampire. Her latest role: an exotic dancer (of… the 
mortal variety) on the hit series True Blood. Now, she also stars in HUFF (2012)
Entire nude pictorial spread of sexy Natasha Alam here
Photo: playboyblog
Natasha Alam is FANGTASIA
July 2010 Playboy cover-model Natasha Alam 
“True Blood”  "Twilight's Shadow"  "The Women"  “The Bold and the Beautiful” 
She now plays Virgil “Huff” Huffington's (the “Wolf”) kinky mistress in HUFF (2012)
The article starts on page 88 in the PLAYBOY July 2012 issue.
Entire nude pictorial spread of sexy Natasha Alam here
Photo: playboyblog
Natasha Alam is FANGTASIA
July 2010 Playboy cover-model Natasha Alam 
“True Blood”  "Twilight's Shadow"  “The Bold and the Beautiful”
She now plays Virgil “Huff” Huffington (the “Wolf”) kinky mistress in HUFF (2012)
Entire nude pictorial spread of sexy Natasha Alam here
Johnny D'Agostino and Elina Madison (Lorelei) 
On the set of HUFF (2012)

The most DEPRAVED film of the 21st CENTURY!
Vicious Circle Films
a film by Chad Ferrin 
 Starring Elina Madison as Wilma Hooper
Movie Synopsis: In this genre-defying grind-house throwback, a group of drug-addled, 
sexually deviant medical students are systematically terrorized by Wilma and John Hopper.
 The Hoppers, serial murderers and rapists, mysteriously return from the 1970s, and bring horrifying psychedelia with them. With comedy, subversion, satire and true gore, the 
students must face escalating attacks, shocking circumstances and visceral disgust.
Alternate US Poster (Style 1a-SK)
Psychedelic terror, subversion, satire & true gore!
Vicious Circle Films
a film by Chad Ferrin 
 Starring Elina Madison as Wilma Hooper

Someone’s Knocking at the Door (2009)
Directed by: Chad Ferrin
Distributor: 4Digital Media
DVD Release date: 7th March 2011 (UK)
Starring: Elina Madison, Noah Segan, Ezra Buzzington, Andrea Rueda
Review by: Stephanie Scaife
     Chad Ferrin’s film is a bizarre and very peculiar comedy horror throwback to 1970s exploitation cinema. The plot is done in the traditional slasher narrative, in that each protagonist is killed off one by one by a psychopathic killer; but of course there’s a lot more to it than that! The film starts with medical student Ray shooting up heroin then being “raped to death” by what appears to be some kind of drug fueled hallucination of a beautiful naked woman who then turns into a demonic man with an abnormally large penis. This opening scene is a splendid indication as to what is to follow!
     A small group of Ray’s classmates, who are experimenting with a powerful hallucinogenic drug called Taldon, start to be plagued with visions of John and Wilma Hopper (Ezra Buzzington and Elina Madison) who had been subjected to drug trials at the medical school they attend in the 1970’s and had been serial killers. Justin (indie regular Noah Segan) starts to suspect that the Hoppers may have somehow transported themselves into the present day and are responsible for the death of Ray and are now after him and his and all his friends.
    Someone’s Knocking at the Door is another entry into the increasing sub-genre of “freakish genitalia” horror, along with the likes of Bad Biology, which is actually fairly commendable for an indie horror film in the sense that the acting is decent, particularly from Mr. Segan and Elina Madison who are always watchable. It is pretty much no-holds-barred in its approach to the particularly outlandish subject matter. A scene that involves a girl’s head being literally consumed by a monstrous vagina springs to mind; actually it doesn't just spring to mind, but is now in fact an image that has been burned into my retinas never to be unseen! Additionally, the make-up effects were professionally done and thankfully in camera for the most part, a respectable decision as low quality CGI can make a film a turn-off where as cheap make-up effects have an endearing retro quality and show off the filmmakers ingenuity.
    Some of the songs on the soundtrack provided by indie rock band The Mae Shi were excellent! A straight to DVD low budget film that was shot in 11 days... it's an admirable effort and definitely succeeds in accomplishing something subversive and very original. However, as a warning you definitely need to be a die hard genre fan and have a pretty dark sense of humor to get any real enjoyment out of this film. The Region 2 DVD also comes with quite a good selection of special features including 2 commentaries, a 50 minute making-of documentary, deleted scenes, trailers and a short film.
Elina Madison on the set of HUFF
See more sexy production photos of Elina here

 Elina Madison's stellar acting has landed her coveted lead roles in these and many other independent films. She's been the devoted single mother (opposite Oscar nominee John Hawkes) in Small Town Saturday Night, Solda in Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis, as well as principle roles in Creepshow IIIMystery ER1000 Ways To DieKiller Outbreaks and many more. 
  Elina has been privileged to work with cinematic greats, particularly in the horror, drama and syfy genres:  Vernon Wells (Someone's Knocking at the Door (2009)Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeMad Max 2: The Road Warrior as well as Tony Todd (Strange Case) among many others!

The gorgeous Elina Madison
SANTA CLARITA (December 14, 2011)— Production continues on the independent feature film HUFF in Santa Clarita, CA. The dark, allegorical adaptation of The Three Little Pigs stars Charlie O’Connell (“The Bachelor, Season 7”) as the sexually abusive title character who embarks on a rage-induced killing spree as he pursues his three stepdaughters who have stolen his money intended for a big drug deal.
Friday, 12/9/11
- Principal photography continued with O’Connell as Virgil “Huff” Huffington joined by on-screen tough guys James MacPherson and Johnny D’Agostino in the roles of no-nonsense drug runners. Scream queen Elina Madison also returned to set. Several scenes included extensive stunt work and special effects.
Saturday, 12/10/11
- Veteran character actor Rance Howard (Ron Howard’s father) joined the cast as the eccentric drug kingpin with a penchant for sexy women and exotic reptiles. O’Connell, MacPherson, D’Agostino and Elina Madison were also on hand as the drama intensified.
Monday, 12/12/11
- The rains came on Day 7 of production washing out many of the scheduled scenes. The resourceful crew opted for their cover set and picked up several interior scenes with Jenna Stone (A Haunting in Salem) and Randy Blekitas (“Wizards of Waverly Place”) as her on-screen boyfriend.
Tuesday, 12/13/11
- Mayra Leal (Machete) began work as the strung out neighbor to the dysfunctional Huffington family. Her scenes included several opposite Marie Bollinger (Hell-o-ween) as Huff’s eldest stepdaughter and self-proclaimed protector of her younger sisters from their abusive stepfather.
- WednesdayThe arrival of multi-talented fan favorite Clint Howard (Apollo 13, The - Dilemma, Evilspeak) who assumes the role of “Karl,” an unwitting accomplice to Huff’s rage-induced brutality.
October 9, 2012 - Hollywood, California

20th Anniversary Gala
 Presented by Lexus - Arrivals

September 27, 2012 
Eli Roth's 
Grand Opening And Black Carpet 
LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 27: Actor, director and producer
 Eli Roth and the gorgeous red head Actress Elina Madison attend 
the grand opening of Eli Roth's GORETORIUM on September 27, 2012 
in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Weeks/WireImage)
 Horror Scream Queen Elina Madison 
attends the grand opening of 
May 5, 2012  at 6pm
HUFF Movie, Texas Frightmare Weekend 
World Premiere by Real TV Films
June 3, 2012  

"HUFF the Movie" Scream Queen Elina Madison on set at www.loyalstudios.tv being interviewed by Terrance Bell. 

Produced and Directed by: Bob Bekian

See more great photos from that interview here
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ELINA MADISON biography                                                    

www.RealTVfilms.com RealTVfilms PHOTOS
    Beauty Elina Madison is making heads turn and the industry take notice. From the runway to the television and silver screens, this former Elite model has parlayed a successful modeling career into a blossoming acting career. Raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Madison landed her first professional acting job in That Thing You Do. From there she had the opportunity to work with renowned director David Lynch in "Mulholland Drive." She played the wife of Academy Award nominee John Hawkes in the character study film, "Small Town Saturday Night," also starring Chris Pine.
   Currently, Madison stars in the horror feature HUFF (September 2012). She plays the role of ‘Lorelei,’ the wife of Huff, a violent and abusive man (played by Charlie O’Connell.) “She brought me to tears in one scene with her honesty and pain. Just the conviction in her eyes was strong enough to pull the emotion out of me. She layered Lorelei well and I was impressed with how she captivated me with just her first few lines,” said Lauren Pacheco, whysoblu.com.
Other upcoming feature film projects include the leading role of ‘Alana Wilson’ in The Black Tape (December 2012). This psychological thriller is said to be a cross between "Paranormal Activity" and "The Blair Witch Project." Additionally, Elina can be seen in the comedy horror flick, "Halloween Party" (October 2012) and "Dracula" (January 2013). 

Elina Madison has starred in numerous horror /sci-fi genre films including the multiple film festival winner "Barracuda," the classic "Creepshow 3," "Petrified" and the remake of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." 

She also produced and starred in "Corporate Cut Throat Massacre."
 Actress Elina Madison
attends the grand opening and fashion
show for Nicole Winnaman's new
boutique 'Nikki West' at
Nikki West Boutique in Pasadena, CA.


  On the television screen, Madison starred on an episode of “Blood Relatives” for the Investigation Discovery Channel. 
  She played ‘Susan Montemayor,’ the wife of a wealthy mobster who has been found murdered. 

   Additionally she has guest-starred on the Emmy award winning television show “Brothers and Sisters,” as well as being cast in the series “Las Vegas.” 
  Other notable television credits include recurring roles on “Untold Stories of the ER,” and “Mystery ER.” 

  Elina Madison gets her unique looks from her Mexican/Spanish and Norwegian/Czech heritage.
Sexy publicity shot featuring the
 sultry Elina Madison
Fantasies Become Reality And Obsessions Become...
He's Watching, His Desires Growing...
Until Finally, He Makes A DEADLY Move!

Starring: Elina Madison, Mellara GoldLandon Hall,
Johnny Keatth, John McCafferty and Jennifer Burton. 

Mystery film directed by Eric Gibson, and written by Jalee Bailey
The gorgeous Elina Madison posing by the pool

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