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TINSLEY TRANSFERS: Temporary Tattoos from Christien Tinsley: Oscar Winner and Emmy Nominee for his Special FX Prostetic Design Work on American Horror Story

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TRANSFERS Tattoos   
Mr. Christien Tinsley  (2011) 
  News Update! Sept 9, 2012 - Christien Tinsley is the brain child behind both Tinsley Studio and Tinsley Transfers.  
  Christien has been nominated for an Academy Award for Passion of The Christ, and won the Technical Achievement Academy Award for prosthetic transfers.  
  Mr. Tinsley has also been nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of Best Makeup for his work in Nip/Tuck, and another Emmy nomination for his unique skills in the hit TV show Glee.
  He is also an Emmy nominee for his Special FX prosthetic  design work on extremely popular cable TV series American Horror Story
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   Tinsley Transfers was established out of necessity during the filming of Pearl Harbor 
with Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale. While working on approximately 40 extras that required multiple wound and burn effects daily, Christien realized the need for a 
quick, time-saving tool.  The end result produced an easy to apply tattoo transfer 
with an emphasis on continuity and reality of the effects.  Tinsley Transfers Inc. 
continues to grow and emerge as the leading provider of temporary tattoos
 and Makeup Effects for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

    His extensive filmography includes:
  • Men in Black 3 
  • Iron Man 2 
  • The Lincoln Lawyer 
  • Water for Elephants 
  • Transformers 3 
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Ocean’s 11 
  • An Oscar nomination for: The Passion of the Christ 
  • No Country for Old Men
  • and many more…
 Tinsley Transfers: 
The Hollywood Film Quality 3D FX Transfers! 
ChristienTinsley is known for his Emmy nominated work on the hit series American Horror Story, and has now created a unique line of 3D FX Transfers available through Tinsley Transfers Inc. Christien Tinsley won his Academy Award for Technical Achievement (2007) for “the creation of the transfer techniques for creating and applying 2D and 3D makeup.”

How To videos for applying the new: 
CUT THROAT FX Transfer here
 CUTTER FX Transfer here
 GOUGED FX Transfer here
 Introduction and application by Mr.Christien Tinsley! 

The Transfers shown below are as easy to apply as a temporary tattoo and add those finishing touches to your costume so you’re ready for Halloween. With hits like True Blood, Twilight and Frankenweenie, Halloween enthusiasts will be looking to get their 
Hollywood gouges, cuts, vampire bites, and bruises! These FX Transfers are the way 
to get Christien’s award winning look yourself at home. To order click here
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A sample tattoo from Mr Tinsley's  Goth line
 Cristien also started a retail temporary tattoo line inspired by his extraordinary work on the set!  
 Tinsley Transfers temporary tattoo line has a vast array of options especially for Halloween.  
 The 3D FX Transfers are debuting October 1, 2012. They were inspired by the gory character makeup from the set of American Horror Story. 
 Mr. Tinsley's very popular "Goth" line,  references the creepy vibes of Tim Burton, Hitchcock, and much more! 
  For those of you unaware of their  next product, Christien has a sneak peak for you! Just in time for Tim Burton’s release of Dark Shadows, they are developing a series of custom “Goth” tattoos. 
  Dark Shadows was released May 11, 2012 and just like Burton’s previous films, Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, this movie has a dark and eerie feel.                
  Also starring , Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green, Johnny Depp plays an imprisoned vampire, named Barnabas Collins, who is released to return to his home where he must protect his malfunctioning descendants.
      This series of 18 tattoos are all perfect to give you that “Goth” feel. All tattoos are being designed with knowledge of the Gothic culture and only using the colors black, white, and blood red.
      The end result produced an easy to apply tattoo transfer with an emphasis on continuity and reality of the effects. Being a very gifted make-up artist, Christien gave great attention to make the tattoos as real looking as possible. The tattoos look like they have been worn for a few years already.
       So what are you waiting for!
    Get your ticket into the dark world today here
 Feb 9, 2008 Oscar Scientific and Technical Awards. 
 Christien Tinsley making his acceptance speech after winning the 
Oscar (Technical Award) for his innovative creation of the 
groundbreaking transfer techniques for creating and applying 
2D and 3D makeup known as Tinsley Transfers. 
These techniques allow quick and precisely repeatable application of 2D makeup 
suchas tattoos, bruises and birthmarks, as well as 3D prosthetic appliances ranging 
in size from small wounds to entire torsos. They utilize self-adhesive material
 that features an unprecedented combination of tissue-thin edges, resilience,
flexibility and water resistance, while requiring no dangerous solvents.
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Christien Tinsley touching up Barry Pepper's make-up
Oscar Watch 2011: Tinsley and Nellen Get Gritty in Cohen Remake of ‘True Grit' 
Special make-up effects designer Christien Tinsley, who had done two films with 
the Cohens and one with Pepper, personally handled Barry Pepper's make-up, 
which included bullet-scarred lips and a chipped tooth. 

    "We cleaned Barry's face of any facial hair—for me, a clean palette was better," Tinsley said. "We designed his hairstyle and gave him silicone upper and lower lip prosthetics, upper and lower dentures. We wanted to give him that living-off-the-land, dirty, bad- hygiene appearance of someone who doesn't have a home necessarily."   

     "Pepper was sometimes as challenging as location shooting. He loves make-up and loves to collaborate," Tinsley said. "He loves what we do as artists, which makes my job easier and harder, and he loves to perform. He's a bit Method, and for all the reasons that he's a great actor, he can be a bit difficult." 

   "My biggest concern was that the lip pieces, the hair, everything’s fake all around his mouth. He goes out there screaming and stretching for six or seven different takes. He put the make-up through about six times the amount of abuse it normally would take." 

     Tinsley also created a body that was hung 40 feet in the air, a dehydrated corpse and a bunch of cave-dwelling snakes. Nellen jumped in to do a hand-injury make-up, and created a stretch-and-stipple age make-up for a young girl. 

    "Altogether, it was about skin textures and making people look real," Nellen said. "Life was tough then, so we wanted a real outdoor, weathered look. Because of weather, every day was like another story, so you had to try to do your best," he added. "In hindsight, I think we did pretty well."
Oscar winning makeup artist Christien Tinsley applies makeup to Oscar 
winner Javier Bardem on the "No Country for Old Men" set.
Photo credit:  Paramount Vantage, Miramax Films 

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Las Vegas Halloween Show (2011)
Allison Oliver and Sarah Aulenta of Tinsley Transfers
Their booth featured temporary tattoos and tattooed sleeves and shirts. 

The Las Vegas Halloween Show is held once every year in the spring for the 
buyers who don't have to buy costumes and accessories in January. 
The show ran concurrently with the International Lingerie Show at 
the Rio Hotel, March 27-30, 2011. 
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things related to Tinsley Transfers. 
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Famous Celebrities that wear
Established in 1999, Tinsley Transfers Inc. has solely provided 
Hollywood’s biggest film and television productions with 
custom temporary tattoo transfers. 

Mr. Christien Tinsley

Just some of his accomplishments:
- Vin Diesel in XXX 

- Brad Pitt in The Ocean Films 

- Sean Penn in Mystic River 

- Gary Oldman in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban 

- Wentworth Miller in Prison Break

- Adrian Brody in High School 

- Justin Timberlake in Alpha Dog

- The 2012 Madonna Tour and many others!

Madonna proudly displays her Tinsley Transfers tattoo "NO FEAR" 
during one of her concert performances in The Madonna 2012 World Tour
Blake Lively, from "Savages," sporting Tinsley Transfers
 tattoos and sexy beachy waves.

             Scarlett Johansson                                  Johnny Depp                                          Orlando Bloom
This June 20th, 2012 was officially Summer Solstice, but people like to celebrate
 the sun all year long. Supporting all life on Earth, the sun deserves our utmost respect.
 Sun tattoos are a great way to celebrate life, whether it is your own or a new life that 
has just begun. The gorgeous actress Scarlett Johansson (left) has a colorful, circular
 sun tattoo on her forearm, as does actor Johnny Depp (middle). His temporary 
tattoo of a swallow flying over a sunset for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean
became permanent after his son Jack was born. Just like his co-star,
Orlando Bloom (right) lives life to the fullest and sports a sun tattoo on his body.
Emily VanCamp wears this Tinsley Transfer tattoo on ABC's Revenge.
The talented Ryan Gosling adorns the temporary tattoos created by Tinsley Transfers 
for his upcoming film “The Place Beyond the Pines." This crime drama is about 
Gosling’s character, a motorcycle stunt rider, considers committing a crime 
in order to provide for his wife and child, an act that puts him on a collision 
course with a cop-turned-politician.
Ryan’s assorted tattoo collection was heavily influenced by his own artistic input and 
that of a close friend. Tinsley Transfers long lasting tattoos would live for several 
days on Ryan’s skin allowing him to completely immerse himself into the character. 
You can look for Ryan Gosling in the upcoming movie “Gangster Squad” where 
he also wears a Tinsley Transfer.

Released March 9th, 2012 this Disney movie is the first of what we are sure to be 
many live action movies from the notorious PIXAR Director Andrew Stanton.
Tinsley Transfers was thrilled when they received the call to design and create 
the body art and temporary tattoos for the film.

It was a massive undertaking that included creating over 600 body suits utilizing their 
innovative technology used for creating their custom Tattoo Shirts and Tattoo Sleeves.
 In addition to these suits, they also created enough temporary tattoos to cover an 
entire football field for the principle actors.

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