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EMPRESS VAMPIRE aka Empress Of The Evil Dead Starring the Exotic Chinese American Busty Beauty Ange Maya Filled With Blood, Gore, Sex And Mutilation From Director Phil Condit

  It's been around a year and a half since we last mentioned Phil Condit's Empress Vampire! Now, it's finally completed and has been
 renamed as Empress of the Evil Dead.

US Theatrical "One Sheet" Movie Poster (Alternate Style)
Starring: Ange Maya

Ange Maya Pictures
proudly present:

Ange Maya stars as Aleta...

        New from Sick Puppy Pictures and Ange Maya Pictures is the campy, kick-ass EMPRESS VAMPIRE, a film by Director and Producer Phil Condit. Empress Vampire is one of the hottest, most erotic vampire movies to come along in decades!

         You won't find any lovelorn, brooding vampires sparkling in the sun and pining for human teens in this film. This is old school vampirism at its best. The exotic, sensual and beautiful Ange Maya delivers a breakout, tour de force performance as Queen Aleta, the Empress Vampire. Aleta’s story begins when her voluptuous, breast-baring vampire brood returns from a hunt with the gift of an innocent virgin (Megan Cordero, American Nudist) to satiate the Empress’ voracious lust for sex, blood, and flesh. While the Empress and her body-painted vampire spawn dance in celebration of the gift, her topless handmaidens bathe the virgin, preparing the girl to be offered, completely naked, for an orgiastic gauntlet of sex, gore, mutilation, and ultimately death.

      Political intrigue is also added to the backdrop when cunning Secretary of Defense Arthur Hayes (Tom Cochran, Escape! From Robot Island) plots to recruit Aleta as a super assassin to take out enemies of the state. He dispatches FBI Agent Dan Higgins (Beau Nelson, Zombie Drugsto find the Empress and make contact. When Agent Higgins discovers vampire hunter Ivor Helsing (Garrett Brawith, The Legend of Bloody Jack, Dexter) and psychic medium Ariana (Romanian actress Laura Contenescu, Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope) are also tracking Aleta, He recruits the pair to assist him. Enter the darkness!

Ange Maya says:
to watch my new movie... 
      Empress Vampire  aka: Huang Hou Xi Xue Gui, (US 2011; director Phil Condit) is one of the hottest, most erotic vampire movies to come along in decades! You won’t find any lovelorn, brooding vampires sparkling in the sun and pining for human teens in this film. 

     This is old school vampirism at its best... with it's classic mix of horror, seduction, love, blood & gore, eroticism, nudity and of course the sultry star in EMPRESS VAMPIRE... 

   With a dose of  extravagant exploitation aesthetics, it must come as something of a relief to all those vampire aficionados out there currently feeling stifled by the undead soul-searching... school-girl infatuation and glittery vamp-hugging that we've been inflicted with during this part of the century! This vampire film was completed on a small budget and director Phil Condit did such an amazing job. Our entire staff really enjoyed watching EMPRESS VAMPIRE and found it most engaging to say the least. Phil explained that,  "he wanted to make a film reminiscent of the horror films that scared him as a child." 
    There are certain segments, as far as lighting is concerned  that will most definitely remind  you the classic Hammer Film Productions. EMPRESS VAMPIRE does not take itself too seriously and ultimately, that works to its benefit. There is realistic gore, but it is done to enhance the overall movie... not just to shock the viewer. There is one scene where Ange bites a young woman in the neck and the blood actually seemed so real! The editing in EMPRESS VAMPIRE was not simply a continual series of quick cuts which is so popular in many films being shot today. Mind you, some quick cuts were definitely used, but only when it was appropriate for the pacing of a scene. Overall, it was more of a tension-building process. The cinematography was very impressive and the dramatic lighting used in the Vampire Queen's lair was spectacular. It is self evident that director Phil Condit took an inordinate amount of time and patience to produce an exceptional horror movie with his limited budget and you can rest assured that his talented crew truly exceeded those limitations. Our staff also realized the editing of EMPRESS VAMPIRE was very well done. The continuity of different scenes in order to invoke tension, fear or suspense was well thought out in advance and very effective in their undertaking.

    Additionally,  the story-line had us riveted to our seats. During the revealing of the vampires in ancient China, the script even called for some of the actors to speak in Mandarin Chinese, which was very effective. Once again, even with a limited budget, Phil added this to the film when he could have very simply shown the scenes and used a voice-over to explain the events, but he decided not to take that approach. The acting in the film was impressive and actors Ange Maya Laura Contenescue, Tom Cochran, Garrett Brawith all brought depth to their individual characters which made them all that more convincing. 

        The film opens in present day Los Angeles, where there is a party going on at a luxurious private home. Suddenly two robbers enter and begin to threaten the guests. From the back of the crowd, a mysterious, cloaked figure emerges and attacks the robbers, killing one and causing the other to flee the house. The mysterious figure pursues him and instantly kills him by ripping out his throat. That brutal event was captured on a security camera that exposed the identity of that figure as a deadly female vampire (Ange Maya). The footage also makes it all the way into the hands of the United States Of America Secretary of Defense, Mr. Arthur Hayes (Tom Cochran), who upon carefully viewing the security video, sees a great opportunity to recruit her as an official assassin for the US government. 
       However,  the Secretary of Defense has to find her first, and how does one go about finding a deadly vampire? Well, they get the brilliant idea of holding a real séance at FBI headquarters using the gifted psychic medium Ariana (Romanian actress Laura Contenescu).
 During the séance, a surreal vision appears to the group which clearly reveals that the Queen Aleta (Ange Maya) the vampire was formerly an Empress from ancient China and that for over a thousand years, she had stayed beautiful by ravenously feasting on the blood of her sexual partners and young virgins. 
      Hold your breath in complete awe as the gorgeous and totally nude EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) drapes human intestines over her head and rubs them all over her big breasts while sitting in a tub filled with a young virgin's blood!  Her four sexy Vampire slaves look on in orgasmic ecstasy. (l to r) Eva (Beverly Swanson), Candace (Rachael Owens), Angelica (Daniella Love) and Samora (Shanna Beauchamp).

The nude Empress Vampire (Ange Maya) wears the intestines of her latest  female victim around her neck!

    Just in case you did not know... Ange Maya's performance as the Empress Vampire was truly amazing. Her unique role as the sexy yet deadly female vampire can best be described as extremely disturbing since she imbued a realistic, methodical, cold yet very calculating element to her character while at the same time, Ange also created an alluring sexual excitement and distinctive aura. You just have to look in her hypnotic eyes, and see just how effectively she comes across as someone who is always a few steps ahead of her adversaries. Her authentic Chinese accent, along with the soft tone of her voice, made her seem vulnerable yet deadly... added to the delight of her visual appeal. 

A Film by Phil Condit
Alternate US Theatrical Movie Poster (Style 1a-EV)

The hypnotic long haired seductress Ange Maya

 The EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) about to 
sink her sharp fangs in the neck of blond 
beauty Mrs Ivor Helsing (Sylvia Panacione).

  Luscious, exotic, busty and beautiful Ange Maya  delivers a breakout, tour de force performance as Aleta, the Empress Vampire. 
   Aleta’s story begins when her voluptuous, breast-baring vampire brood returns from a hunt with the gift of an innocent virgin (Megan Cordero, American Nudist) to satiate the Empress’ voracious lust for sex, blood, and flesh. 
   While the Empress and her body-painted vampire slaves dance in celebration of the gift, her topless hand maidens bathe the virgin, preparing her to be offered naked, for an orgiastic gauntlet of sex, mutilation & death. Political intrigue is added to the backdrop when cunning Secretary of Defense Arthur Hayes (Tom Cochran, Escape! From Robot Island) plots to recruit Aleta as a super assassin to take out enemies of the state. He dispatches FBI Agent Dan Higgins (Beau Nelson, Zombie Drugs) to find the sultry Empress and make contact. When Agent Higgins discovers vampire hunter Ivor Helsing (Garrett Brawith, The Legend of Bloody Jack, Dexter) and psychic medium Ariana (Romanian actress Laura Contenescue, Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope) are also tracking Aleta, he recruits the pair to assist him.

 ---                                                                                                                                                       ------------------------------------------
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Awesome publicity pose featuring the exotic Chinese & American beauty Ange Maya lying down nude on a red carpet with just her long hair covering that svelte figure!
The stunning Ange Maya has her eyes closed as her long black hair is flowing free.

The EMPIRE EMPRESS (Ange Maya)... Princess of Darkness sits in her throne playing the Chinese lute as her 2 female vampire handmaidens look on with sheer delight.

The two sexy Vampire handmaidens prepare their gift for the Empress. Trish (Megan Cordero), the young nude girl (middle) wearing that see-thru white nightgown is about to be sacrificed in honor of  EMPRESS VAMPIRE.

The sadistic Aleta, EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya
contemplates disciplinary action in her Torture Chamber.


The sultry and exotic Chinese beauty Ange Maya wearing her authentic Chinese silk outfit with dragon designs, complete with ornate necklaces and jade bracelets.

The deadly EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) presides over her sexy and topless VAMPIRE DANCERS. (l to r) Juliet Ladines, Amy Purpura, Alexi Agdepa, Elizabeth Giran and Betsy Brea.
Ange Maya and Sick Puppy Pictures presents:
A Film by Phil Condit
Starring: Ange Maya, Tom Cochran, Laura Contenescu, Garrett Brawith and Beau Nelson.

EMPRESS VAMPIRE's sexy slave girls perform the mystical Vampire Dance in the nude to please their Queen (Ange Maya).

The captivating EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) wearing her black silk cloak with hood and long black gloves.

The long haired sultry Chinese/American exotic beauty Ange Maya stars as Queen Aleta... the EMPRESS VAMPIRE (2012)

   Ange Maya says... 

   "I am a unique actress and model who has a distinctive look, large fire agate sparkling eyes, extremely long hair, and a very curvy figure. My nature is, mysterious, magic, classy, sensuous, sexy, sultry, artistic, and dreamy." 
   "Some of my strong passions are performing and posing in front of the cameras, to express my natural characters, and my abilities bring me fortune to realize my fullest potential. I have a desire to always express myself, and I love to work with individuals who will allow and inspire me to show my creative skills and unique talent."

seduces the Secretary of Defense,
ARTHUR HAYES (Tom Cochran)

     As Agent Higgins, Ivor, and Ariana pursue the sultry Empress, events take a perilous turn when they realize that they are no longer the hunters, but the hunted. Empress Vampire is a strikingly different experience with flashback scenes to ancient China to witness the creation of vampirism (in Mandarin with English subtitles) and to the Transylvanian border with Romania in the 1800's, where the modern vampire mythology was born.
       Added to the mix is a song and dance number by talented composer, Doug Tidstrand (Long-Distance Princess) between vampires and Secret Service Agents and the Empress and the Secretary of Defense, creating an incredibly rich tapestry to lavish the senses.
      Filmmaker Phil Condit has poured his lifelong love of horror films into Empress Vampire, one of the sexiest and scariest female vampire movie ever made, to make sure you have one wild, roller coaster of a ride and a rip-roaring, horror film-viewing experience. Enter the darkness!
Great publicity photo featuring EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) with the Secretary of Defense ARTHUR HAYES (Tom Cochran).

IVOR HELSING (Garrett Brawith) frees the beautiful ARIANA (Laura Contenescu) from the Empress' brutal torture rack in her secret dungeon.

Ariana (Laura Contenescu) the psychic medium is being held captive in the EMPRESS's secret torture dungeon.

Ariana (Laura Cotenescu) (right) the psychic medium is being held captive in a secret lair as the EMPRESS (Ange Maya) is about to interrogate her. Two of her sexy female Vampire slaves lustfully observe what is about to happen.

The alluring EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) 
exposes her voluptuous breasts as she kisses
 Joerg Von Helsing (Zachary Ryan Block)

The EMPRESS VAMPIRE'S personal butler Ju Ren aka "Girth" (Kaleti Williams).

Empress Vampire gives a new and interesting twist to the modern day vampire genre because this deadly female vampire is not from Transylvania... nor is she a naive teenager who is confused and in love. This a bloodthirsty and sexy killer from ancient China and enjoys her line of work!

EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) dressed in her S&M Dominant Mistress outfit complete with long latex stiletto boots and cat-o-nine tails whip (right) proudly sits on her Chinese couch as she defiantly presides over her sexy brood of busty female vampires. (l to r) Beverly Swanson, Rachael Owens, Tina Tanzer and Shanna Beauchamp.

The exotic VAMPIRE EMPRESS Ange Maya about to sink her sharp fangs in the neck of her latest young female victim Trish (Megan Cordero) as Shauna Beauchamp (left) looks with eager anticipation!

The exotic VAMPIRE EMPRESS Ange Maya gently kisses her young female victim Trish (Megan Cordero) right before she is about to be sacrificed.

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The exotic and alluring temptress Ange Maya 
starring as Aleta... the EMPRESS VAMPIRE

( l to r) Sexy vampire slave Candace (Rachael Owens)  
Busty vampire Elyssa (Tina Tanzer).

The EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) in the nude as she bites Mrs. Ivor Helsing (Sylvia Panacione) on her neck to turn that blond beauty into a blood sucking vampire.

Queen Aleta (Ange Maya) aka Grand Empress Dowager Yang is being fanned and pampered by two of her gorgeous, young and busty handmaidens.

EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) screams in agony when a large stake is driven through her heart by Joer G. Von  Helsing (Zack Ryan Block) in 1800's Romania.

The busty EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) wearing 
her long black leather stiletto boots deals with 
FBI Agent Dan Higgins (Beau Nelson).

The busty EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) removes  
FBI Agent Dan Higgins' (Beau Nelson) right eyeball from its socket and calmly holds it in her hand as he screams in agony.

The busty redhead Vampire Candace (Rachael Owens) seduces FBI Agent Atwell (Dillon C. McCarthy).

 ---                                                                                                                                                       ------------------------------------------
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The sexy redhead vampire slave Candace (Rachael Owens) 
seduces Agent Atwell (Dillon C. McCarthy) as she slowly begins to straddle him.

The gorgeous Vampire Elyssa (Tina Tanzer) left, and busty redhead Candice (Rachael Owens) right, seduce FBI agents Dirk (Gary Private) left and Atwell (Dillon C. McCarthy) right.

Ancient Chinese scientists (Jesse Wang and 
Don Chao) crank up a special invention


EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya), and Director Phil Condit on the set for the Romanian historical sequence. Photo credit: Eric Harrison

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      Special Effects Key Makeup Supervisor Artist Candace Christen Yath applies blood to Empress Vampire’s (Ange Maya) succulent lips and chin. Candance, as well as makeup assistants Mario Ascoli and Alexandra Storm did a superb job in detailing all the makeup. Photo Credit: Pieter Wilde

     Special Effects Makeup Artist Candace Christen Yath stands at the ready with a Coca-Cola bottle filled with blood and a bowl of guts. The costume supervisor is KeLan and the sensational special effects  he created can only be described as jaw dropping. The intricacy of detailing and the colors used for each costume were amazing. Photo credit: Pieter Wilde

     Director Phil Condit sets up the Trish hanging and evisceration scene with (l to r) Vampire Eva (Beverly Swanson), Vampire Angelica (Daniella Love), Vampire Samora (Shanna Beauchamp), Director Phil Condit (yellow t-shirt), EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya), and Visual Effects and Special Makeup Effects Artist Mario Ascoli. Photo credit: Pieter Wilde

Director Phil Condit and Steadicam B Camera Operator Paul Gardner set up the camera boom. Photo credit: Pieter Wilde

Director Phil Condit shoots EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya) approaching sacrificial teen Trish (Megan Cordero), who is hanging upside down in the nude.  (L-R) Vampire Candace (Rachael Owens), Vampire Angelica (Daniella Love) and Vampire Eva (Beverly Swanson) look on. Photo credit: Pieter Wilde

Another angle of that scene with Trish (Megan Cordero) hanging upside down in the nude ready to be sacrificed.

Director Phil Condit shoots down totally nude EMPRESS VAMPIRE'S (Ange Maya) throat while (l to r) Vampire Candace (Rachael Owens) and Vampire Angelica (Shanna Beauchamp) look on with orgasmic ecstasy. Photo credit: Pieter Wilde

Ange Maya's alluring eyes!
Ange is truly an Oriental Goddess!
Director Phil Condit (right) shoots a blood soaked scene; 
EMPRESS VAMPIRE (Ange Maya)  is completely nude with her long hair covering her big breasts as she waves to the camera! (l to r) Vampire Eva (Beverly Swanson), Vampire Candace (Rachael Owens), and Vampire Angelica (Shanna Beauchamp) look on with lustful passion. Photo credit: Pieter Wilde

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Director Phil Condit shoots the Halloween party scene with the camera boom. Photo credit: Manny Medrano

Steadicam/B Camera Operator Paul Gardner (blocking EMPRESS VAMPIRE Ange Maya) shoots a scene in the Romanian historical section with (l-r) 1st Assistant Director John Austin, Director Phil Condit (operating remote focus) and 2nd Assistant Director Sheita. Photo Credit: Eric Harrison

Joerg Von Helsing (Zachary Ryan Block), Heinrich (Ric Baron), and Joseph Von Helsing (Britt Prentice), ham it up on the Historical Romanian set. Photo Credit: Eric Harrison

KC (Andrea Ellsworth),  Mandy (Sonam Arvind Dhage), Trish (Megan Cordero), and teen Cindy (C.J. Sindayen) having some fun as they pose for the studio photographer. Photo Credit: Robery Ryan

Director Phil Condit (left) filming Garrett Brawith (Ivor Helsing) and Laura Rosas in green screen car.

 Actress Laura Rosas and Garrett Brawith (Ivor Helsing) studying their lines for the next scene.

Busty vampire Angelica (Shanna Beauchamp) wears a revealing bra and see-thru pink lingerie as she attacks a passenger in a vehicle at night.

A close-up of the sexy female vampire Shanna Beauchamp approaching her unsuspecting male victim in the passenger seat late at night.

Garrett Brawith (Ivor Helsing) talks with the busty and congenial barmaid Pauline (Stephanie Lopez) in a scene from EMPRESS VAMPIRE.

   Another angle showing Garrett Brawith (Ivor Helsing) speaks with busty and friendly barmaid Pauline (Stephanie Lopez) as Ariana (Laura Contenescu), the gifted psychic medium walks towards them in the background.

 ---                                                                                                                                                       ------------------------------------------
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Great Publicity Photos
 Exotic Chinese/American model 
and talented actress
starring in

The gorgeous Chinese/American beauty Ange Maya at the SATURN AWARDS  in 2007, posing next to GORT, the robot from THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1957).

The ravishing Chinese goddess Ange Maya shows off her stunning figure in the floral bikini. She also stars as Queen Aleta in the new Indie horror movie... EMPRESS VAMPIRE (2012).

The sensual Ange Maya strikes a reflective pose
  • Name: Ange Maya 
  • Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
  • Hair Color: Black & very long
  • Measurements: 34DD-20-32
  • Weight: 105 lbs (48kg)
  • Date of Birth: April 8, 1969
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Heritage: Chinese
  • Place born: Chengdu, People's Republic Of China
  • Tattoos: none
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The captivating Chinese/American actress and model Ange Maya leaves her audience spellbound as Queen Aleta starring in EMPRESS VAMPIRE (2012). This gorgeous candid photo that proudly shows off her stunning figure was taken in Ange's hotel room back in 2006.

Extremely rare candid photo featuring the exotic Chinese/American sexy actress Ange Maya sitting on a small couch. This shot was taken in her hotel room in 2006.

Extremely rare candid photo featuring the exotic Chinese/American sexy actress Ange Maya lying on her bed about to eat a small chocolate. This shot was taken in her hotel room in 2006. She looks so sexy wearing that red velvet hat and tight, low cut red silk dress!

Ange Maya stars as Aleta, the EMPRESS VAMPIRE (2012)
Just look at that svelte figure and those long legs!

Ange Maya
Mini Biography

        Ange Maya was born into a traditional Chinese family. At 6 years old, she joined a professional gymnastic team and dance group. Ange was also a very proficient mathematics student at the University of China before she pursued a career in the police profession. After serving the government for a long time, she decided to resign her job as a professional TV news anchorwoman and journalist in the Chinese police bureau to develop other creative ventures. 
       Ange pursued business management of health care products, biotechnology engineering, charity work, and print modeling for Maxim European Edition. In 2006, she moved to Los Angeles and expended her modeling career even further. Her sultry, floor-length long hair appeared in worldwide advertisements for many commercial firms and music videos.   
      In 2008, Ange attended the screening of her first theatrical released feature film Blood Scarab (2008) (shot on video), which she played the luscious Goddess Handmaiden. There, she also met and teamed up with  award winning Hollywood director Phil Condit to start planning her lead role in the new Indie feature horror film Empress Vampire. Shooting began in 2011, and the movie will be shown in the Horror festival circuit in October 2012.
      Trade Marks: Her floor-length long hair, large breasts, protruding nipples and a mole located above her upper left lip on her cheek.
      Trivia: Ange became a United States citizen in February 2009.  She was forced to cut her gorgeous long black hair to shoulder length when she worked for police bureau in China. In 2005, Ange was offered a role in Indie horror film The Mummy's Kiss: 2nd Dynasty (2006) (shot on video) by director Donald F. Glut while she was still in China.

The Goddess Ange Maya
Quotes:"Cosmic oneness is an awareness of the unity and the interconnectedness of all of life. Soul emanates vibrational energy in electromagnetic fields. The Law of Attraction and the synchronicity of the Universe like magnets attract similar souls uniting in our soul families." Ange Maya                                                                                                                     
      "We are small universes inter-connected with a big universe! All living creature have souls within themselves vibrating various frequencies that most of them are beyond the perceptions of our five senses. We are multi-dimensional spiritual beings manifested in physical form in this space-time planes." Ange Maya 
      "We are extensions of God. One simple act of love and kindness can yield unforeseen miracles. When we love, we are broadcasting our frequencies in unity. Body, Mind, and Spirit are harmonized into an infinite potentiality in the grand COSMIC SYMPHONY!" Ange Maya 

Cave woman Ange Maya
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 The sultry Ange Maya in Las Vegas (2008) promoting her popular movie BLOOD SCARAB from Digital Playground.

      October 13th, 2013 - The captivating Chinese American beauty Ange Maya and star of EMPRESS VAMPIRE attends the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention.

 April 16, 2013 - The Chinese American beauty Ange Maya star of EMPRESS VAMPIRE at MTV movie awards after party. 

About the Director Phil Condit
Mr. Phil Condit
    Mr. Condit started his movie-making career at the tender age of thirteen animating clay dinosaurs in his backyard. That same year he bought his first issue of Forest J. Ackerman’s Famous Monsters of Filmland. A lifelong love affair began.  All through middle school and high school he consumed as much horror, sci-fi and fantasy as time would allow between generating hours of 8mm (standard, not super 8mm since it hadn’t been invented yet) horror films.  But he’s a Johnny-come-lately filmmaker being two years the junior of Steven Spielberg.
      After college, Phil figured it was time to grow up and took a job with a documentary film facility that made films on psychiatry and the behavioral sciences. Over the following thirty years, the facility made more than thirty award winning documentaries.

Ange Maya at the premiere
     One of the first films was about Tourette’s Syndrome. Everybody now knows that Tourette’s Syndromis a combination of uncontrollable tics and involuntarily uttering of curse words - but that is in large part due to the film. The filmmakers created the first diagnostic definition of exactly what the disease was and disseminated it worldwide.

     Phil satisfied his love of horror films by watching as many as he could talk his family into going to seuntil cable and VHS opened the floodgates allowing him to feast on the genre. He has a particular love of horror films of such a low budget that you can see the seams around the edges.

      When the economic downturn began in 2009, Phil’s usual business dropped off precipitously. Many people in that situation went back to school to learn a new profession. Phil decided to return to his teenage roots of making horror movies. Thus, he embarked upon a career change to make horror feature films.  Final comments: Overall, our staff really enjoyed watching EMPRESS VAMPIRE from beginning to end and would definitely recommend it to anyone who also wants to watch a good horror film with a touch of nostalgia. We are going to speak with director Phil Condit about having a sequel to EMPRESS VAMPIRE since that vampire horror movie definitely made a great impression on all of us!

Ange Maya clad in leather 
    After the first screening of his first feature film, Empress Vampire, Phil said, "There is no greater thrill than to sit in a darkened theater and watch an audience spellbound by your creation – laughing or cringing on cue to the action on the screen - and then applaud at the end I'm hooked."
     Three years ago, when the economic downturn triggered a lack of corporate and documentary film work for me, I decided it was time to take action on a lifetime love affair with horror films. While some people went back to school, I started writing the script for Empress Vampire. My co-producer, Ange Maya, and I had decided we wanted to make a vampire film starring her in the title role. 
      We initially met when we were both contacted to make a different vampire movie that eventually fell through. But we were so bitten by the bug that we decided to make our own. I wrote a basic vampire movie and Ange kept sending me idea after idea to add to the film until it became Empress Vampire... complete with a song and dance number!  
     I knew that I wanted to make an exploitative horror movie just like the ones I enjoyed watching. It had to include the three “B”s... blood, boobs and bombs. The first two were easy with female vampires. But I had to work on how vampires died to eventually come up with the bombs (bombs are much better on the screen than at the box office). I’m hookedI believed that just like the ball field in Field of Dreams, that if I built it, they would come. And they did... actors and makeup artists and crew members all gathered to make this movie. 

The stunning Ange Maya

   Ange had her family in China oversee every step of the costume making process and design to ensure complete authenticity. I even designed and started constructing props and custom set pieces. 
     Doug Tidstrand composed a wonderful original score that brought the visuals to life! 
      Now our final goal is to share this sensational Indie horror movie with the entire world. We are all extremely confident that you enjoy Empress Vampire."

We appreciate your support,
 Phil Condit
Sick Puppy Pictures
Writer, Producer & Director
email: phil@empressvampire.com


   Empress Vampire aka Queen Aleta aka Empress Yang: Ange Maya
  • Secretary of Defense Arthur Hayes: Tom Cochran
  • Dan Higgins: Beau Nelson
  • Ariana: Laura Cotenescu
  • Ivor Helsing: Garrett Brawith
  • Chinese Emperor: J. C. Achilles
  • Joerg Von Helsing: Zachary Ryan Block
  • Joseph Von Helsing: Britt Prentice
  • Trish: Megan Cordero
  • Jim Thornton: Jake Jacobs
  • Vampire Elissa: Tina Tanzer
  • Vampire Candace: Rachael Owens
  • Vampire Eva: Beverly Swanson
  • Vampire Samora: Shanna Beauchamp
  • Vampire Angelica: Daniella Love
  • Vampire Alexandria: Candace Christen Yath
  • Secret Service Agent Dirk: Gary Private
  • Secret Service Agent Atwell: Dillon C. McCarty
  • Detective Bill Warren: Clint Jung
  • Coroner “Doc”: Chad Curtis Wood
  • Tom Brady: Martin Bell
  • Teen Cindy: CJ Sindayen
  • Teen Mandy: Sonam Arvind Dhage
  • Teen KC: Andrea Ellsworth
  • Heinrich: Rik Baron
  • Chinese Scientist Tao: Jesse Wang
  • Chinese Scientist Liu: Don Chao
  • Imperial Concubine Zhang: Aoni Ma
  • Chinese Nursemaid Wu: Jennifer Taing
  • Bartender William: John Austin
  • Bartender Pauline: Stephanie Lopez
  • Robber Butch: Darren Lebrecht
  • Robber Needles: Marcus Johnson
  • Agent Michaels: John Wilhovsky
  • Agent Childers: Michael Hollins
  • Agent Lola: Monique Feger
  • Agent Gerald: Mark Vafiades
  • Agent Davis: Dan Leech
  • Agent Cooke: Nico East
  • Agent Blaylock: Logan O' Troy
  • Agent Qiao: Able Wanamakok
  • News Anchor: Katherine Hynes
  • Butler Ju Ren: Kaleti Williams
  • Female Bar Patron: Lily Emily Dykes
  • Male Bar Patron: Tim Thomas Harvey
  • Vampire Dancer Huang: Juliet Ladines
  • Vampire Dancer Hou: Elizabeth Giran
  • Vampire Dancer Xi: Amy Purpura
  • Vampire Dancer Xue: Alexie Agdeppa
  • Vampire Dancer Gui: Betsy Brea
  • Vampire Doll/Vampire Alexandria: Candace Christen Yath
  • Vampire in Waiting: Alexandria Storm
  • Vampire Nightwalker: Jessica Torres
  • Sleepwalking Victim: Alexandria Storm
  • Virginia (the Virgin): Jessica Whitaker
  • Empress' Chinese Lover/Victim Zhao: Harry  Allen
  • Empress' Chinese Lover/Victim Sun: Jerry Ying
  • Empress' Chinese Lover/Victim: Amiko
  • Irina Helsing (Ivor's Wife): Sylvia Panacione
  • Gentleman Von Helsing (Victim): Phil Condit
  • Child Von Helsing (Victim): Darrien Blue Skylar
  • Mother Von Helsing (Victim): Laura Rosas
  • Father Von Helsing (Victim): Chuck Loring
  • Police Officer Yates: Justin Ferrari
  • Police Photographer Riley (cut): Leslie Ezeh
  • Son of Empress: Charles Ausbrooks
  • Ariana’s Warlock Ancestor: Carey Fox 
  • Wild Man Ancestor: Frank Giarmona
  • Ariana’s Gypsy Ancestor: Sholeh Ashtiani
  • Ariana’s Witch Ancestor: Willow Hale
  • Ariana’s Ivan the Conjurer Ancestor: David Mosk
  • Parking Valet: Eric Franklin Schwarz
  • Halloween Party Waitress: Anna Yosin
Halloween Party Guests:
  • Boxer: Candace Christen Yath
  • Hippy: Laura Rosas
  • Jason: Beau Nelson
  • African Lady: Afoma Eguh Okafor
  • Monk: James Karroum
  • Magician: Gary Casey
  • Veiled Lady: Dawn Hope Stevens
  • Cowgirl: Jennifer Lynn Feerer
  • Cowboy: Brandon Feerer
  • Prison Guard: Gordon Plaisted
  • Egyptian Pharaoh: David B Corrales
  • Rag Doll: Victoria Lee
  • Lil' Miss Muffet: Leanna Angud
  • Fairy: Eric Franklin Schwarz
  • Clinton: Joe Kamimura
  • Snake Charmer: Ronnel Canlapan
  • Sports Fan: Andrew Balani
  • Sports Fan #2: Erwyn Togno
Stunt Doubles:
  • Cloaked Figure: Anna Yosin
  • Robber Needles: Bryan McCoy
Actors performing their own Stunts:

Zachary Ryan Block, Garrett Brawith, Tom Cochran, Megan Cordero, Laura Cotenescu, Michael Hollins, Ange Maya, Dillon C. McCarty, Beau Nelson, Gary Private,  Kaleti Williams
  • Directed by: Phil Condit
  • Studio: Sick Puppy Pictures
  • Format: HDV 1080 24p 
  • Language: English (Mandarin sequences) 
  • Release Date: December 2012 
  • Run Time: 90 minutes
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Screenplay: Phil Condit and Ange Maya
  • Story: Ange Maya and Phil Condit
  • Produced by: Phil Condit and Ange Maya
  • Executive Producers: Phil Condit, Ange Maya, Michael Hollins, Ricardo L. Jauregui , S.K. Conrad-Jauregi
  • Associate Producers: Le Pink, Candace Christen Yath
  • Director of Photography/ Camera #1: Phil Condit Steadicam®
  • "B" Camera: Paul Gardner
  • Camera #2: John Austin
  • Editor: Phil Condit
  • Original Music: Douglas G. Tidstrand

Songs featured in 

VI. Waltz 2From Jazz Suite No. 2
  • Composed by: Dmitri Shostakovich
  • Performed by: Douglas G. Tidstrand
“Italian Boys”
  • Music and Lyrics by: Gary Private
  • Performed by: Gary Private
“Nostalgia of Empress Vampire” 
  • Lyrics by: KeLan
  • Vocals Performed by: Ange Maya
  • Chinese Music Producers: Roc Chen, Dong Fang
  • Pipa Artist: He Wan Wan Seq
  • Programmer: Dong Fang
  • Vocals Audio Mixing: Ron Grant
“Sweet Empress of Life” 
  • Music: Douglas G. Tidstrand
  • Lyrics: Jennifer Miller
  • Performed by: Electra Barakos, Aleta
  • Chorus: Rachael Owens, Ingrid Montague, Douglas G. Tidstrand
“Anticipation For Prince” 
  • Lyrics by: KeLan
  • Vocals Performed by: Ange Maya
  • Chinese Music Producer: Roc Chen, Dong Fang
  • Pipa Artist: He Wan Wan Seq
  • Programmer: Dong Fang
  • Vocals Audio Mixing: Ron Grant
“We’ll Take Care of Everything” 
  • Music: Douglas G. Tidstrand
  • Lyrics: Jennifer Miller
  • Vocals Performed by: Ange Maya (Aleta), Douglas Carpenter, Arthur Hayes (Agent Dirk),  Rachael Owens (Vampire Elissa), Jennifer Miller (Vampire Candace),  Douglas G. Tidstrand (Agent Atwell)
  • Music and Score Services: Blue Chair Music
  • Pipa recorded at: Chinese Conservatory Piano Room
  • Special Effects Makeup Supervisor: Candace Christen
  • Key Special Effects Makeup: Candace Christen
  • Special Effects Makeup Artists: Mario Ascoli, Alexandria Storm
  • Makeup Supervisor/Key Makeup Artist: Candace Christen
  • Makeup Artist: Alexandria Storm
  • Makeup for Empress Vampire: Ange Maya
  • Visual Effects Supervisor/Key Visual Effects: Phil Condit
  • Visual Effects Artists: Mario Ascoli, Adam H. Meadvin
  • Audio Mixer: Phil Condit
  • ADR Recording Mixer: Bob Tiwana
  • Assistant ADR Recording Mixer: Paul Tiwana
  • Re Recording Mixer: Shaun Burdick
  • Costume Supervisor: KeLan
  • Wardrobe: Phil Condit and Emily Condit
  • Choreography by: Ange Maya
  • Casting Directors: Phil Condit and Ange Maya
  • Casting Assistants: John Austin, Aleu Moana, Sheita
  • Casting Services Provided by: The Casting Project LLC.,  Breakdown Services, Ltd.,  Casting Networks Inc.
  • Art Direction: Phil Condit, Ange Maya
  • Set Design and Construction by: Phil Condit
  • Carpenters: John Austin,  Mario Ascoli,  Paul Gardner
  • Set Decoration: Phil Condit, John Austin
  • 1st Assistant Director: John Austin
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Sheita
  • Assistant Directors: David Mosk, Britt Prentice
  • Unit Photography: Phil Condit, Dan Eldridge, Tyler Golden, Eric Harrison, Manny Medrano
  • Unit Photography: David Mark Pesce,  Robert Ryan,  Sheita, Bill White, Pieter Wilde
  • Chinese Translation by: Ange Maya
  • Public Relations Department: Ange Maya, Phil Condit,  Jennifer Miller,  Michael Hollins
  • Production Assistants: Mario Ascoli, Jan Maly, Megan Cordero,  Eric Franklin Schwarz,  Aleu Moana
  • Catering: Le Pink Catering
  • Additional Production and Casting Services: Representantes De Actores
Special Thanks to:
  • Dan Ikeda and Frank Rush, Steadicam® / Tiffen
  • Peter Mason / Mason Media
  • Tony Hoffman and Helene Dervishian, California Film Commission
  • Ambiente Restaurant and Bar, Annandale Community Center, Topanga State Park
  • Chinese Conservatory,  Emily, Amy and Collin Condit,  Mark Grasso
  • Ron Ovadia
  • Don Glut
  • Jeff R. Gund
  • Tim Eile
 ---                                                                                                                                                       ------------------------------------------
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