The Hammer Horror Blu-Ray Campaign

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dr. Chris RADIO OF HORROR on WCUW 91.3 FM: Covers all aspects of horror including movies, tv shows, comics, video games, books, toys and even special guest celebrities!

Dr. Chris Radio of Horror
91.3 FM WCUW 
 Worcester, MA
Every Sunday Night 
12 midnight to 2:30 am

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Dr. Chris Radio of Horror Show has been on the air since October 2007. 

Live from the WCUW radio station in Worcester, MA on 91.3 FM   

Dr. Chris Radio of Horror Show covers all aspects of horror including movies
 tv shows, comics, movie conventions, film festivals & guests, video games, plays, books 
and toys. Guest celebrities such as Malcolm McDowell, D. Walace Stone, Kane Hodder, 
Jack Ketchum and many others were all featured on his show. Dr. Chris is also the
 author of a soon to be released children's Halloween book.
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Dr. Chris also plays all kinds of horror related 
songs and popular rock music on his radio show!

Dr. Chris Radio Of Horror
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Dr. Chris and author Jack Ketchum
Dr. Chris (middle) conducting an interview his radio studio in MA
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Dr.Chris with actor Lance Henrickson
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Dr. Chris with actor Doug Jones
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Dr. Chris with Gunner Leatheface Hanson.
The actor with the human skin mask and chainsaw 

Dr. Chris Radio Of Horror 
Official website here

The Hammer Horror Blu-Ray Campaign

Sign the petition to ask Warner Bros to issue their Classic Hammer Horror titles on Blu-Ray, fully restored and mastered in 1080p for maximum picture quality!

Sign here:

Why is this important? WB’s Hammer titles represent the British company’s very best output, and for many reasons, including cultural and historical, we believe these films should be restored and released in the new digital medium without delay.

Major studios are reluctant to release most of their catalog titles on BD due to the expense of scanning and restoration, as well as limited shelf space in stores. Instead, they focus on a limited group of films that they consider big moneymakers. Our goal is to show them that there is a robust market out there that goes beyond blockbusters. Supporting this campaign is a vote for classic films in general, and for greater diversity of titles in the home video marketplace.

The importance of this campaign to cinefiles can not be overstated. That’s why Guillermo del Toro, Bob Burns, Douglas McKeown, Mark Verheiden, Shane Briant, Svengoolie, and Chad Crawford Kinkle have all signed!

Warner Bros is listening! Make your voice heard NOW!

Sign the petition here: