Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Short: P.O.V. Coming May 2012: A Psychological Thriller With An Ending YOU Will Never Forget!

A photography and videography 
company based in Los Angeles
Coming in May 2012
 "evil has a point of view"

P. O. V. is a psychological thriller in the development stages that tells the story of a devoted housewife, her successful husband, and their 21 year-old son. While cleaning, the wife discovers a DVD hidden in her husband's study, and it's contents are beyond her worst nightmares; a point-of-view video of a man murdering a woman in a seedy motel. 
- In shock, the wife looks to see where the DVD came from and uncovers a trove of these horrific videos hidden in her husband's wall. With a story that will shake you to the core
and an ending that you'll never forget, this short film will be something to talk about.

- We plan on shooting the film over the course of three days in the latter half of May, 2012. Casting will take place starting in a couple weeks and will last a few weeks or until the roles are filled. Several of the locations have already been scouted but we are still scouting for certain locations we have yet to find. Once we have all of the locations, cast, and crew positions filled we will have about two weeks of preparation and rehearsal.

- We have a detailed budget that will make very efficient use of the money we are asking for. By running our own small video and photography company we have built up many types of valuable resources, from equipment to important connections. Unfortunately, we still need some seed money to make this film a reality, especially at the level of quality we envision. Most of the funds will go towards our cinematographer, set design and decoration, sound engineer, locations, actors, food and of course travel expenses for the cast and crew.
P. O . V.  
A Short Thriller 
- After the film is in the can, we intend on submitting P.O.V. to several major film festivals as well as some of the more established niche fests out there, including ones focused on thrillers and female-centered movies. Depending on how our final film is received, we may even pursue a feature version of the film. Our intention is also to use this film as a calling card for all of the cast and crew involved, helping to develop a strong community and successful relationships from which we can all benefit. We will stay in touch with everyone who is interested in our project and we will keep you all informed on the reception of P.O.V. as well as related events and our future projects.

- Teddy Cecil (Writer/Director): As a boy growing up in New York, Teddy had big dreams of becoming a filmmaker. By the time he was fourteen he was splicing his own 16mm films together and knew that movies were his passion. Around the same age, the Semi-Royal Shakespeare Company, America's oldest teenage Shakespeare acting troupe, recruited him. After four years of Shakespeare and a performing arts curriculum in high school, Teddy attended NYU, where he graduated with honors and received dual concentrations in cinema studies and producing. 
- While in school, Teddy continued to write and direct several of his own short films in addition to working as a freelance filmmaker. His studies included a semester in Amsterdam where he learned about international film production and a leave of absence to work directly for Ang Lee on his most recent film. 
- Teddy shot a making-of documentary throughout pre-production and production as well as much of the b-roll footage that was used in Lee's film Taking Woodstock. Since then he has worked on various TV and film projects ranging from independent to major studio productions. After graduating from college, Teddy moved out to Los Angeles where he now resides and works. 
- Brett Miller (Producer): Growing up on Long Island, New York, Brett Miller possessed a love for music and film, pursuing his passion for the drums at an early age. It wasn't until middle school... while shooting a skateboarding video with some friends on his father's VHS camcorder, that he discovered his affinity for producing and directing. 
- After writing and directing several short films in High School, he attended Amherst College, where he received his B.A. in English, with a concentration in Film Theory. Brett found his stride as a writer while pursuing Film Studies for a semester abroad in Paris, writing several screenplays and developing a series of short stories for production. 
- While in college, he also pursued his inherent love for both manual and digital photography, building a substantial portfolio of work by his senior year. Once out of school, he worked as an assistant cameraman on several independent features in New York, finally deciding to make the move to L.A. at the start of 2010.  Brett is currently assistant producing an independent feature film which recently finished production.  He resides and works in Los Angeles.


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