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New Book: SIX REELS UNDER by: David Del Valle

NEWS BREAK! Friday, April 6, 2012
Horror Unlimited proudly announces 
the newest publication from author 
David Del Valle: 6 REELS UNDER,
his follow-up to Lost Horizons.
David Del Valle has achieved national recognition as a journalist, columnist, film historian, and radio and television commentator. As one of the world's leading authorities on the horror, science-fiction and fantasy film genres, he has contributed to magazines internationally, with his articles and interviews appearing in such publications as Films in Review (where he writes the column Camp David), Cinefantastique, Diabolique, Scarlet Street, Cult Movies, Fangoria, The Dark Side (UK)Fantastyka and L'Ecran Fantastique of France for which he was also West Coast correspondent, Films and Filming (he was the Hollywood correspondent for this British magazine from 1983-1987), and Video Watchdog
Mr. Del Valle is also the producer and on-camera host of Vincent Price’s only interview regarding his career in horror films (featured on May 25 at Vincentennial). That interview has already won awards in Italy's prestigious Mystery Festival and is now available for American distribution as it has never appeared on American television.
In addition to the Vincent Price interview, he produced and hosted a series of television interviews entitled Sinister Image, featuring guests that ran the gamut from Cameron Mitchell to Russ Meyer. Mr. Del Valle currently has two books on the market, both from BearManor Media: Lost Horizons: Beneath the Hollywood Sign,  a 21st-century equivalent of Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, and Six Reels Under, a collection of film essays. 
Starring: David Del Valle, Vincent Price
Directed by: Stanley Sheff
Genre: Documentary, Biography
Runtime: 1 hour 3 minutes
Release year: 2002
Studio: Egami
Synopsis: Vincent Price is one of the most beloved stars Hollywood ever saw. His extraordinary career spanned over five decades, and covered every media: film, television, radio, theater. Although best known as a horror movie star, Price's own immeasurable charm and warmth was always reassuring, always compelling. The centerpiece of this program is a 62 minute interview of Vincent Price conducted in 
1987 by film historian David Del Valle. Also included are two complete TV programs highlighting Vincent Price's television career..."Half Hour to Kill: Freedom to Get Lost" (1958, 30 min) and "Shindig!: The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot" (1965, 30 min).
 "Three Skeleton Key" (1958, 30 min), a radio drama from the series "Escape,"
 rounds out the collection... truly a Vincent Price fan's dream!
- Mr. Del Valle has also curated several award-winning photo exhibits in Los Angeles and Northern California, including Nevermore, an exhibit devoted to the Edgar Allen Poe films of Vincent Price and Roger Corman. 
- His personal collection of images from all aspects of horror fantasy and cult films has provided such clients as Taschen Press, the Syfy channel, and the BBC with material for books and documentaries. 
- His latest projects include Autographs From 
the Edge, a coffee-table book of autographs with commentary, and his long-awaited study of the Corman-directed Poe films, See to the Crypt,
 now available!
A collection in progress consisting of thousands of still photographs, artwork 
and ephemera dealing with the horror/fantasy/sci-fi and cult genres.
Mr Del Valle been interviewed by the BBC, A & E Network, Channel 4 (London) and 
The Sci-Fi Channel. He appeared prominently in American Movie Classics documentary entitled It Conquered Hollywood!, the history of American-International Pictures.
David's 1st on-camera appearance (1967) with Bob Wilkins
Quote by David Del Valle... As a baby boomer pushing sixty, it is difficult to wrap my 
mind around the fact that nearly four decades have passed since I did my first on-camera interview as a “film expert”. The first person to ever refer to me in those terms recently passed away, on January 7th, 2009. Bob Wilkins was a slightly built man with sandy 
blond hair, who sported high-school-teacher glasses and on occasion smoked a cigar...  domestic, of course. Bob was the premier horror host at KCRA channel 3 in Sacramento from 1966 to 1970, before moving Creature Feature show over to KTVU in the 
Oakland, San Francisco area until the early ’80s.
Photos of David Del Valle In Action!
John Carradine talking with David Del Valle
David Del Valle as a recent  radio host for: 
Seen here broadcasting live from Palm Springs, CA 
David Del Valle and Barbara Steele (circa 1979) posing 
in front a vintage poster from DRACULA'S DAUGHTER
David Del Valle shot by one the most famous MGM photographers of Hollywood’s golden age: George Hurrell
David Del Valle (circa 1971) and Sir Christopher Lee
David Del Valle and Joe Dallesandro (circa 1998)
Ingrid Pitt: “This is what dreams are made of - what?"...
David Del Valle and Ingrid Pitt
Martine Beswick and David Del Valle dancing the 
night away circa 1978 in her Beverly Blvd apartment
Martine Beswick and David Del Valle recovering
 from a night at STUDIO ONE (circa1977)
Execution Scene: FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM (1986)
Martine Beswicke strapped in chair. Lawrence Tierney
 as the warden (black suit). (right to left) Tony Clay (in suit)
Susan Tyrrell, David Del Valle and Alan White
Martine Beswick, Robert Quarry and 
David Del Valle having a laugh
 (left to right) Elizabeth Sheperd, Reggie Nadler, 
David Del Valle, Forrest J. Ackerman,
 Joyce Jameson, Angus Scrimm and Barbara Steele
David Del Valle
Interview with Vincent Price
David Del Valle (left) speaks with Vincent Price (right),
 during his Sinister Image interview
David Del Valle interviews Vincent Price in his home (1988)
David Del Valle with Hermoine Baddeley
She was know to American audiences in the 2 Disney films: 
Hermoine also received an Oscar nomination
David Del Valle with Daun De Vore
Kenneth Anger, David Del Valle 
and the late Curtis Harrington
Jenny Craven, Cannon Film Group's producer 
having a few laughs with David Del Valle at a party
Vincent Price’s 100th birthday, May 27th, 2011
Victoria Price being interviewed by David Del Valle
Victoria Price and David Del Valle
She is holding her father's life mask at the 
10 day long Vincentennial in May 2011 (St Louis)
David Del Valle with Director Jeff Burr 
(left to right) Screenwriter Courtney Joyner, Tony Clay (standing), 
Vincent Price (holding ribber blade against his neck) and David Del Valle
The late Yvette Vickers with David Del Valle
She starred in: The Attack Of The 50ft Woman
 and The Giant Leeches
A young David Del Valle and Lillian Gish (circa 1967)
Ms. Gish (the first lady of the silent screen) during Mr. Del Valle's high school days in Sacramento, CA.  In 1967, he went to see Lillian Gish in person doing her one woman
 tour to promote her then new book, THE MOVIES, MR. GRIFFITH AND ME.
- Paperback: 458 pages
- Publisher: BearManor Media (October 29, 2010)
- Language: English
- ISBN-10: 1593936079
- ISBN-13: 978-1593936075
- Book Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 0.9 inches
- Shipping Weight: 3.6 pounds
- Synopsis: David Del Valle, writer, curator, collector, and Hollywood historian, takes you on a first person tour of the man-made Shangri La beneath the Hollywood sign, ultimately descending into the smog-shrouded netherworld of Lost Horizons. His candid recollections prove to be a celebration of contrasts, as David hangs out with the reigning pop culture icons of the day, Timothy Leary, Christopher Isherwood, Terry Southern, and Kenneth Anger.
- David maintained a life-long passion for those artisans that created the Horror genre. He grew up as a monster-watching kid of the 1950s, watching those films unfold on television, and his interactions with genre personalities like Vampira, John Carradine, Christopher Lee, and Barbara Steele testify to his devotion to their legacy. 

- The book also delves into his long relationships with Vincent Price and Curtis Harrington during twenty-five years of living in Beverly Hills, as well as unforgettable moments such
as introducing Hermione Baddeley to the Avant Garde filmmaker Rainer Fassbinder in a West Hollywood leather bar while Martha Raye searched her purse for poppers. 
Ken Russell, one of David's favorite directors, was fond of reminding David "Every day 
in Tinsle town is Halloween."  Enter the realm of Lost Horizons and discover that
 you are no longer a tourist. You are now one of the attractions.

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