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Now on DVD: Scarlet Fry's JUNKFOOD HORRORFEST features 6 Bloody and Twisted Tales!

 APRIL 10, 2012
- Brace yourself for non-stop shocks in this anthology horror film featuring six blood-curdling tales of terror. When a drug dealer passes a Junkfood Horrorfest tape to a drug-addicted serial killer (Calico Cooper, Alice Cooper's Daughter), his career in illicit narcotics comes to a violent end. Meanwhile, the junkie and her new friend pop in the tape, and settle in for some gruesome fun. 
- The bloodletting begins with the tale of a murderous butcher with a killer appetite. 
Later, a twisted nurse hires a ruthless triggerman to help lighten her workload, and a notorious pervert runs afoul of vicious skateboarders. The mayhem continues when a man discovers that his faith could be his downfall, and the gory surprises just keep 
on coming for those brave enough to stick around to the bitter end. 
                                                   GET YOUR BURN ON!
- Actors: Tasha Castor, Scarlet Fry, Calico Cooper, Brian Crow, Mike Darmo
- Directors: Brian Frey, Scarlet Fry, Walter Reuther
- Format: Color, DVD, Full Screen, NTSC
- Language: English
- Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
- Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
- Number of discs: 1
- Rated: Unrated
- Studio: Chemical Burn Entertainment
- DVD Release Date: October 18, 2011
- Run Time: 75 minutes

Synopsis: Scarlet Fry takes you on the thrill of your life with: Blood Thirsty Cannibals, Satanic Zombies, Demented Nurses, Junkie Serial Killers, Freaky Perverts and more! 
This Blood Drenched Deluxe Horrorfest isn't for the weak at heart.
  A drug dealer has made his last deal after he decides to hand a junkie serial killer (Calico Cooper) some bad junk. This junk is, in fact, a video tape entitled Junkfood Horrorfest.  
This horror anthology, hosted by Scarlet Fry, features six twisted tales that kick off 
when the junkie and her new found friend decide to watch the tape. 
  Little does her friend know how much trouble he's in for. Get ready for a blood drenched, deluxe horrorfest that isn't for the weak at heart. Twisted tales that will turn your stomach and send you crying for Mommy! Running time: 75 min

This special edition is value packed with two bonus programs, Scarlet Fry's Horrorama, Scarlet Fry's presentation of the cult classic Carnival of Souls, and more!

Also included is the 1990 cult classic Scarlet Fry's Horrorama official selection of 
The Lucky Charm awards in Seattle, WA. Scarlet also did a memorable TV appearance hosting in Elvira's fashion style a public domain film Carnival of Souls
This is a solid release with special features including trailers and bloopers.

Alice Cooper with daughter Calico Cooper who stars 
in the film Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest!
REVIEW: A horror anthology by: Brian Crow, Scarlet Fry and Walter Reuther, distributed by Chemical Burn Entertainment. Six twisted, blood-soaked morbid tales presented by a backwoods zombie called Scarlet Fry.

In the first story, "Blood Thirsty Butcher", a morbidly obese man (Brian Crow) lures a new neighbor into his apartment and kills her for his dinner. He is a violent person who whacks at the girl with his meat cleaver seemingly forever. Although simple, I found the killer very appealing. The second tale is called "The Solution". This one is shot in black and white and has no dialogue. A nurse has her lover act as a sniper to kill an old man in a wheelchair she is caring for. There is an odd charm to this minimalist piece. Once again, the story line is easy to follow, but there seems to be more going on in the relationship between the nurse and the old man.

"Griptape Spank" is probably our favorite story. It shows what could happen when your insecurities about your sexual orientation are all screwed up. Three skaters get money to buy weed in a bizarre way, which involves spanking a transvestite with the flat side (griptape side) of a skateboard. The climax is bloody fun! Next is "Wasted Life". A man bored with his mundane life commits suicide in a bathtub. 

In "The Devil Made Me Do It" a devil worshiper comes back from the dead to disembowel his girlfriend who shot him because she was sick of coming home to his satanic ritual practices. The show ends with "Love is Blind" in which a scorned girlfriend binds and tortures her asshole boyfriend. This guy nags and puts her down and I’m glad she went psycho on him. This tale certainly reminded me of Audition. The gore is visceral and most enjoyable to say the least. I must admit the gore was generous and the tones of the stories were nicely depraved. 

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