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King Of The Witches: The Finest In Obscure Home Video Coming Soon


King of the Witches is a DIY video distribution company based out of Alaska. Focusing mainly of VHS releases of extreme horror films and obscure curiosities, we strive to bring YOU and your VCR only the best!

 An extreme horror film with a very rich past. It also features a behind the scenes featurette. If you're unfamiliar with the film, please visit innerdepravity.com and read up on the entire back story. 
We appreciate your continued support!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'All Hallow's Eve' A New Horror Film With Human Sacrifices From Director Guy Bodart Starring Vanessa Coleman and Stephen Manley Coming October 2014

A Guy Bodart Film

 NEWS BRIEF! August 26, 2014
As Halloween approaches, it means more horror movies are also going to be released! One such film currently in production is called “All Hallows’ Eve” from director Guy Bodart's IFA Pictures.
    Synopsis/Plot: On All Hallows Eve, a secret society of priests has gathered together, and it’s not for any good in the world. They are conducting diabolical ceremonies in which humans are being sacrificed to appease their God… Samhain.

    Quote from Lorelei Lanford: the 1st Assistant Director, Producer & Writer who also makes a cameo appearance in ALL HALLOWS EVE... 
     "I would like everybody to know that this movie was shot in ULTRA 16mm FILM format (Kodak) as we do support film. The director of 'All Hallows Eve' is Guy Bodart who has been in the film business for over 40 years, directing films both in Europe and the U.S. His career started with documentaries and commercials then moved to features in 1984. The 'All Hallows Eve' trailer was at the Cannes Film Festival and we received excellent feedback. The completed film will be presented at the American Film Market in November 2014." 

    "I do believe this film will be very different from other horror films as it actually has a story! It starts  in the 15th Century England, where 'All Hallows' Eve' originated. When Countess Victoria is killed by the rebellious villagers, she levies a curse on all of them, then the film focuses on the present. I also am a huge fan of Vincent Price and when I wrote the script I had him in mind for the 2 main characters 'Ambrus' played by the extremely talented Stephen Manley and 'Countess Victoria' played by British actress Vanessa Coleman. IFA Pictures is Las Vegas based and we strongly support the local Independent community which is the main reason why we hired all local actors. Going through the casting process I was pleasantly surprised to see how many really talented actors there are in Las Vegas. Just to name a few... Vanessa Coleman, Eryn Pablico,  Stephen Manley, Miles Coleman and Billy Patterson. Los Angeles has nothing on us!!! :)"

   Recent indie horror films are mostly remakes with the same themes. It’s great to see IFA Pictures producing an original horror film that takes terror to a whole new level. 

   Writer and talented actress Lorelei Lanford will also make a cameo appearance in All Hallows Eve along with a fantastic cast:

  • Vanessa Coleman ... Countess Victoria/Julianne
  • Eryn Nicole Pablico ... Elizabeth
  • Stephen Manley ... Ambrus
  • Estephania Solis ... Abigail/Leticia
  • Marilyn Wienmann ... Debbie
  • Billy Patterson ... Prophet Master/William

Monday, August 25, 2014

'The Michigan Metal Association' Future Of Death Metal Music Promotion, Coming Soon June 2015 Music Fest Schedule

YOU Are Invited To Attend Tressa Graves' Book Signing Celebration And Spectacular Halloween After Party For Her New Novel THE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH Filled With Horror & Suspense!

   TRESSA GRAVES "The Queen Of Darkness"  has been compared to such writers as H.P. Lovecraft &  Edgar Allan Poe, and now dubbed as the "Tennessee Williams of Horror."

"R Rated Upon Request Night
November 1st2014
7 pm - 12 midnight
 4519 S. Martin Luther King Jr., Lansing, MI 48910
Get directions here
Phone: (517) 202-0529    Email: ulikaczmarek@yahoo.com  

Come Meet Tressa Graves And Get Your
Personally Signed Copy Of Her New Horror Novel 

    The Death Metal Bands also playing that night are:
Malice, Lords Of  The Trident, The Convalescence, Terminus, Novena Vendetta, Vicariant,  MOG!, 
St8 of Mine, Toxic-Anarchy & Desiring Dead Flesh. 
There will also be many vendors and Loyal Horror Fans!

    Come early and set up your merchandise booth, decorated for Halloween. Sell your products and participate in our "Halloween Merchandise Booth Contest!" We will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners! Prizes to be announced. More details here

To Be Released Soon With Great Vocals!

4519 S. Martin Luther King Blvd
Lansing, Michigan 48910
Phone: (517) 882-5900

6 Death Metal Bands!
November 14th, 2014
Just $10 Admission - 18+ Doors Open 7pm

Sponsored by:
The Michigan Metal Association
Scorpion Stix Precussion
Distopian I Productions
Diabolique Magazine

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tressa Graves Book Signing Tour Dates For Her New Horror Novel The Sawgrass Footpath

The Sensational New Horror Novel
from Author Tressa Graves

       TRESSA GRAVES "The Queen Of Darkness" has been compared to such writers as H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, and now dubbed as the "Tennessee Williams Of Horror"

   August 17, 2014 - Horror writer Tressa Graves will be signing copies of her new book at Michigan's favorite haunt Jackson's Underworld and Tennessee's Dungeon Of Darkness. Come and meet the lovely Miss Graves who will also be descending upon The Corpse Barn Shock Haunt to mix & mingle with her loyal fans and sign copies of her latest horror novel just for you! The highly anticipated "R Rated Upon Request Night" is November 1st, 2014

    Get your personally autographed copy of her new horror novel THE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH... then go home and read it. Rest assured after that experience you won't be able to sleep for a week! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Book From Horror Writer 'Tressa Graves' Queen Of Darkness 'The Sawgrass Footpath' Filled With Nightmares, Brutality And Cult Murders

Special Engagement for Tressa Graves


YOU Are Invited To Attend Tressa Graves' Special Guest Appearance Book Signing Celebration And Spectacular Halloween After Party For Her New Novel Filled With Horror & Suspense! 

 Come meet Tressa Graves, and get your personally signed copy! 

  NEWS UPDATE! Special guest appearance by Tressa Graves "The Queen Of Darkness" and author of THE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH at Uli's Haus Of Rock, 4519 S. Martin Luther King Jr., Lansing, MI on November 1st, 2014.
Phone: (517) 202-0529
Email: ulikaczmarek@yahoo.com  
There will be Death Metal bands, vendors and plenty of loyal fans! Come early and set up your merchandise booth, decorated for Halloween. Sell your products and participate in our "Halloween Merchandise Booth Contest!" We will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Winners! Prizes to be announced.

    All bands have the great opportunity to make good money to support by sharing their TMMA Event Flyer! And fans,  you can show your support by bringing in a flyer from your favorite Death Metal band. You will receive $5 for each flyer you bring with a sold ticket. This will be the ultimate "Halloween After Party" you definitely do not want to miss! Come join in the non-stop fun and we look forward to seeing you there!

The Death Metal Bands also playing that night are:
Malice, Lords Of  The Trident, The Convalescence, Terminus, Novena Vendetta, Vicariant,  MOG!, 
St8 of Mine, Toxic-Anarchy & Desiring Dead Flesh. 
There will also be many vendors and Loyal Horror Fans!

    Come early and set up your merchandise booth, decorated for Halloween. Sell your products and participate in our "Halloween Merchandise Booth Contest!" We will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners! Prizes to be announced. More details here

    Synopsis/Plot LineTHE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH by author Tressa Graves, unfolds with one nightmare after another. In leaving his hometown in Virginia, to get away from the circus his parent's gruesome murders had become, Dr. Tom Diggins and his lovely wife, Ann, find a whole new batch of horrors in a home they bought in Florida under false pretenses.
   It was indeed a beautiful house... where a family was murdered! The wife, the children; all while the father was away. What follows is tremendous treachery and heartache over the insanity and brutality of the cultish murderers who are now after Dr. Tom and his wife, Ann, ending in what can only be described as the most ghoulish of murders ever conceived.

   Project Director for a book of short stories featuring a consortium of writers. 
Tressa is collaborating with the talent of Steve Eiland (CapnCreepy) to release a book of short stories based off "CapnCreepy" himself.
   Steve has played in several movies and is currently in production for his series called CapnCreepy’s House of ShameThis project has been in the making for several months now. More surprises on this "devilishly sinful" new project will be posted soon as well as other work that is currently in progress. so, check back here often.


"The Lady In The Backyard" New book written by Tressa Graves 
 Promotional video for the audio book read by: 
Justin Assenmacher from Assenmacher Productions

"Queen Of Darkness"
Official 2014 Book Signing

2146 Big Springs Road
Maryville, Tennessee 37801
Phone: (865) 712-7566
- Get directions here
September 26-27 
7pm- 11pm

1318 Wildwood Ave
Jackson, Michigan 49202
(517) 936-5834
- Get directions here
October 22-24 
6 pm- 11pm

 (Book Signing)
6220 Brooklyn Road
Jackson (Napolean), Michigan 49201
Phone: 517-206-3211
- Get directions here
October 25th, October 31st & November 1st
7 pm - 12 midnight

    New Horror Novel from 
      "The Queen of Darkness" Tressa Graves

   Tressa Graves possesses the unique ability to make grown men stink of fear. The characters she brings to life make you feel a distinct familiarity, seeming so real, you believe they will reach out of the book and grab you. Tressa has been compared to such writers H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, also being referenced as the "Tennessee Williams of Horror." She weaves entertaining tales where violence becomes harrowing and suspense threatening, slinging guts and gore with the best of the boys. Her writing style is not unlike an emotional roller-coaster, hurtling the reader through fits of fear and rage, screaming at the characters to run! Finally, someone who can bring horror back to its core roots, much in the style of Alfred Hitchcock.  

Official Teaser Trailer for The Sawgrass Footpath 
"A story of a couple running from one murder into a swarm of others"


    "I have read your book "The Sawgrass Footpath" (295 pages) in its entirety. I must say, I was very disappointed. No, more than that, I am appalled. After corresponding with you over the last week or two, I thought I knew the kind of mind I was dealing with. We talked about your Southern roots. Your confusion as to the behavior of the residents of the state you lived in up north was well articulated, and your observations were spot on. All throughout the narrative, you sprinkled idiosyncrasies of your personality into one of the main characters. You do this so well, we naturally feel we know who the characters are, and what the outcome of the story will be; however horrible the journey is to get there."
     "I have read my share of horror. The elaborate character histories of Stephen King, the suspenseful tales of Alfred Hitchcock, the graphic fright of Clive Barker, the eerie otherworldly fright and descriptive cavern and dungeon scenes of Howard P. Lovecraft are all part of your repertoire. But your Edgar Allen Poe heart stopping finish, is just so unpredictable and shocking, I can't recommend it to any reader of any age. You, my dear, go far over the top. I hated it. It disgusted me. I have been betrayed. Now stop reading this and get back to typing the sequel."

Sincerely, Phillip Assenmacher
Associate Producer, Owner and Chief Cinematographer
Creep Theater Assenmacher Productions

 IMPORTANT TRESSA GRAVES LINKS                                          
  • Purchase Tressa's New Book LADY IN THE BACK YARD here
  • "Like" Tressa Graves on facebook
  • Follow Tressa Graves on twitter
  • Official Press Release for THE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH here
  • "Like" THE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH on facebook
  • Tressa Graves Official YouTube channel
  • THE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH on googlebooks
  • Download THE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH full story preview here
  • Official Tressa Graves website
  • Follow Tressa Graves on LinkedIn
  • Tressa Graves press release on horrornation
  • Purchase Tressa Graves' Horror Novels on amazon
  • Review of Tressa Graves' 1st horror novel WOOD KILLERS here
  • Cinematographer Phillip Assenmacher's Official YouTube channel
  • "Like" Assenmacher Productions on facebook
  • "Like" Michigan Metal Magazine on facebook
  • "Like" Cap'n Creepy's House Of Shame on facebook
  • The Official James Gilks' Serial Killer Magazine website
  • Contact Tressa Graves: TressaGraves@yahoo.com

DIABOLIQUE   -  The Premiere Horror Genre Magazine

   Engage your heart, your mind and your taste for terror within the pages of Diabolique magazine... a lavishly illustrated, bimonthly print and digital magazine exploring every aspect of horror film, literature and art. The magazine's focus on critical perspectives brings fresh analyses to subjects old and new, foreign and domestic - from ancient folklore and Gothic classics to contemporary film releases and modern literary gems. Each issue brims with insightful commentary, criticism and engrossing information complemented by photos, illustrations and handsome, full-color design. Past issues have included contributors from such horror luminaries as Jonathan Rigby, David Del Valle, Colin McCraken, David Huckvale, Paul Murray, and Elizabeth Miller among many others!

Quotes from reputable sources:

    "DIABOLIQUE takes its horror seriously, and the content reflects it...A heady, well-written excursion into the horror world...One of the best produced horror film mags introduced in recent years... A top 'Best Of' contender." - Monster Magazine World

    "Horror Happenings highly recommends DIABOLIQUE. A great horror magazine." - Examiner.com

    "I love DIABOLIQUE. Elegant magazine... Beautiful." - Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria

   "DIABOLIQUE brings back the feeling of joy and awe you experienced when you cracked open your first horror magazine... Truly the cream of the crop!" - Fatally Yours Horror Reviews

    "Quite insightful. An intriguing look into the history of horror while also keeping readers abreast of current events." - Flamesrising.com

    "Still a relatively new kid on the block, DIABOLIQUE is already cementing its reputation as a horror mag with class... I would urge anyone to pick up an issue of DIABOLIQUE and give their brain a workout." Cyberschizoid.com

    "Thought provoking writing on venerable horror classics, side-by-side with pieces on lesser known works... Meaty, detailed pieces on horror writers old and new... Think of DIABOLIQUE as the 'Vogue' of the horror genre. (Maybe even the 'Vogue Paris')." - Kyle Marffin, author of Gothique, Waiting for the 400 and Carmilla: The Return

DIABOLIQUE NO. 22 (July/August 2014)
ORDER here
     Now Available for pre-order exclusively through Diabolique!
        Diabolique is proud to present its very first Previews Exclusive Cover with Issue No. 22 (July/Aug), featuring artist Steve McGinnis! Get your pre-order in ASAP for this very limited and special edition! Once they’re sold out, they’re gone forever! Available in August, 2014. Pre-order now! Our bi-monthly genre journalism tome is getting the bi-polar treatment! In Diabolique’s 22nd issue, we split our coverage between the influence of J. Sheridan Le Fanu and Countess Elizabeth Báthory and the theme of pregnancy in classic and contemporary horror cinema.
      Alongside 2014 Writer of the Year Rondo-winner Bruce G. Hallenbeck’s celebration of Le Fanu’s bicentennial, which looks inside his life, legacy, and his Gothic vampire opus, Carmilla, Editor-in-Chief Max Weinstein delivers an incisive commentary on Báthory’s prolific and legendary serial murders 400 years after her death. On the flip-side, our pregnancy coverage turns to fresh perspectives on Alain Robak’s Baby Blood, David Cronenberg’s The Brood, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s Inside (À l’intérieur) and Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession. And don’t miss our exclusive interviews with Baby Blood co-writer-director Robak, Proxy director Zack Parker, and DC Comics writer Kyle Higgins (Nightwing, C.O.W.L.)! "Expect the unexpected when you’re expecting Diabolique… With cover art by Robert Aragon."

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'The Laughing Mask' One Of The Most Murderous Killers Ever Known, A New Horror Movie From Director Michael Aguiar Coming October 2014

“Beware the Laughing Mask!”

Coming October 31, 2014

The Laughing Mask Is A New Indie Horror
Co-Production From America/Brazil And Bravestarr Pictures Which Is Directed By Michael Aguiar
Recently, The Laughing Mask was shot and completed in Florida, over a rigorous twenty-eight day shooting schedule. The Director of Photography, William Schweikert, used a Red Epic camera to capture all of the horrifying imagery, while Daniel Mazikowski (The Sadist) handled all Special Effects. Also, the cast was compromised of several rising stars, including Fran Rafferty, Inge Uys, Gabriel Lee, Sheyenne Rivers and Thomas Noel Smith. Destined to be one of the most exciting indie horror films of the year!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Bloodmania, Epic New Horror Film Coming Soon From Diabolique Films

It’s Nothing Short Of Amazing To Witness The Godfather Of Gore Slip Into Marketing Mode
    Quote from Herschell Gordon Lewis... "This motion picture will elevate the entire "splatter film" genre to a plateau well above whatever any other film has achieved before. And we're not just describing scenes or technical expertise. We're talking about entertainment!"
AUGUST 8, 2014

    NEWS BRIEF! August 10th, 2014 - Herschell Gordon Lewis, the 85-year-old creator of the “splatter” sub-genre of horror, is sitting in the lobby of Calgary’s Grey Eagle Hotel on a beautiful morning enthusiastically promoting his upcoming film.

      Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Bloodmania, currently being shot with local cast and crew, is a episodic horror movie that the filmmaker says will nudge the sub-genre he created into new territory, away from the current crop of derivative shock tales that he helped pollinate half-a-century ago. He wrote one of the chapters and will direct two of them for Diabolique Films, the newly minted production division of the beloved horror magazine.

      So with a deep, booming voice that would be the envy of any radio pitchman, Lewis lays out the formula for Bloodmania with all the subtlety of a 1950s movie poster. While producers are keeping specific plot lines secretive, Lewis says Bloodmania will combine two major elements: Gore (“Incredible gore! Unbelievable gore!”) and humour (“Incredible humour! Unbelievable humour!”)

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