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'Seeking Valentina' A New Psychological Thriller About Grief Showcasing A Diverse And Gender-Balanced Cast Featuring The Talented Actress Kristin West Coming July 2015

Currently In Post Production

     NEWS BRIEF: SEEKING VALENTINA which was written and directed by Armin Nasseri, follows Benjamin (played by Ali Bavarian), a Jewish Iranian-American writer, in the pangs of grief. When Benjamin takes in a whimsical and engaging tenant who then she mysteriously vanishes, the director leaves it up to the audience to decide is she really a ghost, a hallucination, a dream or a runaway. The captivating actress Kristin West (Hell's Kitty, Circus of the Dead), and Mr. Nasseri's producing partner, also plays the title role of "Valentina." She says of this compelling project, "I have always believed in Armin Nasseri's vision for Seeking Valentina and at this moment, with the controversy swirling around the Middle East and specifically with America's relations with Iran and Israel, the film we've worked so hard on for a year-and-a-half is now more important than ever. Our film put real Iranian-Americans in a psychological thriller as an American Jewish Iranian family... not jihadists, not terrorists, not stuck in the 1970s, but living, breathing today's society."

    Mr. Nasseri vigorously resisted stereotyping throughout his production, which attracted acclaimed Persian-American actress Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project, Mind of Mencia) to "Seeking Valentina." Miss Ghaffari said, "I was really drawn to this project as it forgoes all the ridiculous stereotypes I often have to portray as an artist." She adds, "It's refreshing and empowering as an artist to portray someone who is just a human being living her everyday life with no labels." Miss Ghaffari plays Benjamin's sister Ana in "Seeking Valentina." Portraying a Persian-American family was a priority for Mr. Nasseri, as quite often, minority characters are not given the context of a family in much standard programming here in the U.S.

    Kristin West and Mr. Nasseri point out that they both committed to not only having an ethnically diverse cast but also a gender balanced cast and crew. Five of the ten crew members were female. Of the principal and supporting cast of nine, five were females and four were male. Nasseri also made an atypical casting choice in Miss West for the title role of Valentina. "I am not a size 0," says Kristin, "I usually get supporting character parts, not the romantic lead in a film like this." Kristin West's past roles have included playing a diverse array of character roles such as a fortune teller, ghoul, duchess, crime scene investigator and almost everything in between.

    Nasseri and West's production took them over 500 miles, over three counties throughout Southern California, in the course of six days, filming in North Hollywood, Big Bear Lake and Ojai. They shot each day of those six days-no small fete for any production. On the last day of production, it snowed in Big Bear, which is seven thousand feet above sea level. "We were packing up our gear as the snow began to fall," West said. Though the film very prominently features Iranian-American actors, Nasseri cites the work of Ingmar Bergman as a strong influence for "Seeking Valentina." He believes that his short is very much a "film with universal themes," toying with what's illusion and what's reality throughout the short.

   "I grew up in the south as a minority. I live in America, but my heritage is Persian. Obviously, the two countries haven't had a diplomatic relationship since the 1979 Revolution," Nasseri added, "There is no prediction on when their relationship will ever heal, but I do hope through artistry, that movies will showcase a universe where minorities, especially Iranian born citizens or Iranian Americans, can be seen as superheroes, agents, diplomats, writers, athletes, professors, restaurant owners, engineers, physicians, lawyers and homeowners." Mr. Nasseri and Miss West anticipate the film will be screening at film festivals sometime in 2015 and 2016. - Daily Film Forum


  • Genres: Short | Thriller
  • Official Sites: Official Facebook Page | Official site
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: July 11, 2015 
  • Filming Location: Big Bear Lake, California 
  • Production Company: Polar Underworld Productions 
  • Color or B/W: Color
  • Synopsis: The story follows Benjamin (played by Ali Bavarian), a Jewish Iranian-American writer, in the pangs of grief. When Benjamin takes in a whimsical & engaging tenant who then mysteriously disappears, it is for the audience to decide is she really a ghost, a hallucination, a dream or a runaway. Kristin West (Hell's Kitty, Circus of the Dead) plays the romantic lead & title role of "Valentina." 

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 CAST & CREW                                           

Directed by 

Armin Nasseri

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  

Armin Nasseri


Kristin West...
Ali Bavarian...
Vida Ghaffari...
Armin Nasseri...
Srinivasa Kapavarapu...
Dr. Lodi
Mel A. Gibson...
Diane Silvester...
Emily Heffner...
Lacey Huskey...
Bowling Alley Employee

Produced by 

Matt Chassin...associate producer
Armin Nasseri...producer
Kristin West...producer
Maureen Whelan...supervising producer

Cinematography by 

John Wilbers

Film Editing by 

Armin Nasseri

Makeup Department 

Leah Galindo...hair stylist / makeup artist
Anissa Renteria...hair stylist / makeup artist
Shirley Sal...hair stylist / makeup artist

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 

Maureen Whelan...assistant director

Sound Department 

Chris Bailey...sound designer (credited as SkyKross) / sound editor (credited as SkyKross)
John Lacascia...boom operator
Armin Nasseri...sound designer

Camera and Electrical Department 

Dwayne Blackmore...grip
Andrew Kowalski...gaffer
Michael Landin...grip
John Wilbers...key grip

Music Department 

Chris Bailey...composer: theme music (as SkyKross)

Other crew 

Chris Bailey...production assistant (credited as SkyKross)
Nadia Davari...legal services
Mel A. Gibson...production assistant


Agota Acs...special thanks
Jack Beranek...special thanks
Shabnam Blaney...special thanks
Matt Chassin...very special thanks
Derek Dow II...special thanks
Diane Dusick...special thanks
Gordana Gehlhausen...special thanks
Vida Ghaffari...very special thanks
John Gibson...special thanks
Emily Heffner...special thanks
Judith Hooge...special thanks
Susan Huskey...special thanks
Katrelle N. Kindred...special thanks
Jennifer Larkin...special thanks
Joshua Larkin...special thanks
Ali Nasseri...special thanks
Jamari Perry...special thanks
Josefina Sanchez Rojas...special thanks
Sohaila Salem...special thanks
Diane Silvester...special thanks
Dan Taylor...special thanks
Zohreh Tehrani...special thanks
Donna Trewhella...special thanks
Megan Tucker...special thanks
Joy Van Ek...special thanks
Maureen Whelan...very special thanks


   Persian-American screenwriter, director, actor and editor Armin Nasseri has been acting since the age of 14 and has worked on both studio and several independent projects beginning in Wilmington, North Carolina. In his early 20s, Armin moved to Southern California with his family and now calls Los Angeles his home. He studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and has studied film production at both L.A. City College and West L.A. College and has 28 film production credits and 12 acting credits to his name. As an artist, Armin loves anything that is edgy and pushes boundaries. His creative endeavor, "Jump” screened at the Intercollegiate Film Festival in Los Angeles. He followed up his success with Jump as a producer on Miracle Mile Girls, which screened at Cannes as well as the Beverly Hills Film Television and New Media Film Festival. Seeking Valentina, his latest work, is a psychological thriller that’s already received international attention due to its gender and ethnically balanced casting and compelling themes and storytelling structure.

    Producer and actress Kristin West is a Texan talent with cosmopolitan appeal. Raised in rural south Texas, West’s training includes the Globe Theatre in London, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the University of Texas Semester in Los Angeles Program. West's work has garnered the attention of film festivals. “Miracle Mile Girls”,was screened at the Cannes was also an Official Selection of the Beverly Hills Film, Television & New Media Festival. "Phoenix Song," a project she produced, was an Official Selection of LA New Wave Film Festival, the Indie Fest, Action of Film Festival, Bel Air Film Festival, Shockerfest International Film Festival, Orlando Film Fest and CINEWEST of Sydney, Australia among many others and won multiple awards. Miss West may best known for her guest star role on Bravo’s "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills." Kristin also played Investigator West in Billy Pon’s much talked about horror feature "Circus of the Dead," which was shot on location in Odessa, Texas. Her most recent credit is playing the title role of Valentina in Armin Nasseri’s thriller short “Seeking Valentina.”

    A native of Rhode Island, Iranian-American actor Ali Bavarian was a financial advisor before dedicating himself to his acting and musical career. In a short span of time, Ali has been seen on screen and on TV both in the US and in Japan. His previous credits include “Andrea: Side Two,” directed by Tim Russ of Star Trek Voyager fame, and a memorable recent appearance on a Japanese television documentary directed by Yuki Gorouku. Even if you haven't seen Ali’s work, it’s possible that you may have heard Ali. He has several voice over credits Bavarian’s star continues to rise in “Seeking Valentina,” directed by Armin Nasseri, playing Benjamin, a writer unraveling in the aftermath of the death of his beloved wife. Bavarian regularly hones his acting craft at various workshops in Los Angeles. A multi-talented performer, Ali has 28 years of experience playing the piano and singing as well.

   Vida Ghaffari has been active on the Tinsel town scene as an actress, journalist, and voiceover artist. This talented, charistmatic character actress has recently shot a supporting role in Savage Cinema’s campy horror flick,”Pond Scum,” directed by legendary indie Aussie filmmaker Mark Savage. Vida plays the role of a pious woman betrayed by her abusive husband. Savage was so struck by her acting talent, that he will also cast her in a major supporting role in his upcoming thriller called “Circus of Dread,” starring acting powerhouse Bill Oberst Jr. A comedic actress who also likes to embrace quirky roles, Vida has also played an Iraqi wife in an episode of Comedy Central’s “Mind of Mencia.” This comedic powerhouse also landed a co-starring role in much buzzed about FOX sitcom, “The Mindy Project.” Vida also made her web series debut in “Green Manor,” where she acted along side Tony Moran, the original Mike Myers from “Halloween.” She has also acted in many plays at established Hollywood venues such as the Zephyr Theatre and Theatre/Theater. She also has a very strong background in comedy as an improviser, stand-up, and sketch comic. She has also performed stand-up at the Improv and the Comedy Store.

   With her rich, smart, and sassy signature voice, Vida works steadily as a voiceover artist. Vida recently voiced two characters in an animated film called “Lovesick Fool” created by Emmy-nominated director Dominic Polcino (“The Simpsons,” “Family Guy,” and “King of the Hill”). Acclaimed actors Fred Willard, Lisa Kudrow, and Janeane Garofalo also voiced roles in this film. Vida also freelances as an online and broadcast entertainment correspondent. Her ebullient and charismatic personality has led her to report from many Hollywood red carpet film premieres and galas, where she conducts engaging interviews with a wide range of celebrities such as Oscar winners Melissa Leo and Cuba Gooding Jr. to the likes of internationally known musicians such as Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, and Chris Isaak. With her quick-witted humor and her vivacious temperament, Vida has been coveted by various media outlets as an on-air host and as an associate producer for ATV, GEM TV, and PNG TV. Born and raised in the DC area, she comes from a long line of diplomats, scholars, actors/directors, writers, and poets. Vida wants to uphold the family tradition through the arts and the media. As a print journalist, she has written for the Iran Times International, the Persian Mirror, and Namak Magazine as well as many local papers in the DC metropolitan area. 

   Mel A. Gibson has enjoyed filmmaking since he was 15, even starting his own production company, Red-IX. A true renaissance man in the making, Mel also enjoys inventing and designing products all while preparing to transfer to a university. “Recently I had my most significant learning experience on the set of Seeking Valentina”, Mel says “where I learned about the operation and function of the cast and crew.” Mel is very much supportive of the message of Seeking Valentina as well, saying, “…with any of the work I do, I care about sending a message in this film.” He explains, “I wanted people to realize not all Middle Easten-ers are dark skinned and brown-eyed.” Mel plays Benjamin’s grieving teenage son, Jacob in Seeking Valentina, his first acting role. Mel plans to continue to pursue practical and educational experience in filmmaking and continues managing the day-to-day responsibilities of running Red-IX.

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'We Kill The Dead' A New Horror Comic Created As A Tribute To The Slasher Genre By John Lepper Contribute Now

When the dead come back and kill the living...
Art By: Brian Revell  -  Lettering By: Alex Giles


 An Upcoming Comic Book From theblood-shed.com. Spectacular Action Combined With Horror As 
Tribute To The Slasher Genre By John Lepper

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'Zombie Survivor' 5K Run Coming July 25 2015 In Calgary Canada Register Now Do Not Get Infected By The Zombie Hordes It Is The Real Life Zombie Adventure


   Zombie Survivor is a 5km run through a zombie infested land. You will be given a belt containing your lives (flags) and there will be some very hungry zombies on the course after your flags. It is a timed run, but the ultimate goal is to still have a life at the end of the event. 

  There will be 12 obstacles on the course that you will have to overcome if you are to make it through the hordes of zombies. 
ZOMBIE SURVIVOR 2015 New Promo Video

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'Harvest' aka 'Høsten' A Bloody New Short Horror Film From Denmark Filled With Dark Humor Directed by Kim Sønderholm And Martin Sonntag

  DIABOLIQUE  NEWS:  HARVEST (or "Høsten" as it is called in the original Danish language) is a new bloody short film with dark humor, directed by Kim Sønderholm and Martin Sonntag. The film world premiered at the Movie Battle event during CPH PIX in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 20, 2015. It won the award for best "special effects." Since then, it's gone the festival circuit tour where it will continue to be screened at horror film festivals worldwide throughout the remainder of this year.

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New Swiss Vampire Film 'Chimeres' From Director Olivier Beguin Now Available On iTunes and Amazon

    "A well written and acted horror movie filled with revenge, blood and a violent ending. Chimères effectively balances the ancient vampirism theme with their eternal struggle for friendship and love.” - Diabolique Magazine

    Chimères is a 2013 Swiss Vampire horror/thriller film and the directorial debut of Olivier Beguin, who co-wrote the story along with Colin Vettier. It stars Jasna Kohoutova, Yannick Rosset and Catriona MacColl (City of the Living Dead; The Beyond; The Theatre Bizarre). Legendary Italian horror film director Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust; House on the Edge of the Park; The Washing Machine) has a cameo role. The film had its official world premiere on July 5, 2013 at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, where it won a special mention for "Best Feature Film."



         SPECIAL AWARDS                                       
  • Special Jury Award - Fantasporto 
  • Special Mention - Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival
  • Best Director - Horrorant Fright Nights 
  • Best Editing - Los Angeles Screamfest
  • Best Actress - Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 
  • Best Actress - Montevideo Fantastico 
  • Best Actress - Horrorant Fright Nights
  • Audience Award - Zompire The Undead Film Festival
  • Anna Mondelli Award for Best First Film - ToHorror Film Festival

    Synopsis/Review: Hospitalized after being hit by a car while taking a holiday in Romania with his girlfriend Livia, Alexander must undergo a blood transfusion. On his return, he seems afflicted with a strange disease. With "Chimères, Director Olivier Beguin takes an intimate approach. He uses the horror to observe the reactions of a couple to a situation beyond their control.

    It's a real love story. A fantasy that faces reality where the supernatural triggers the darkest feelings into an infected couple trusting each other. Mr. Beguin has surrounded himself with long time collaborators for this adventure and casts Catriona MacColl, along with Jasna Kohoutova (La Vraie Vie Est Ailleurs) and Yannick Rosset (Erwan Et Plus Si Affinités). The cast also includes Paulo Dos Santos (10 Series) and Ivan Gonzalez (The Divide). 

  WATCH CHIMERES RIGHT NOW!                      

   Diabolique News: "Chimères" is a 2013 Swiss Vampire horror/thriller love story and the directorial debut of Olivier Beguin, who co-wrote the story along with Colin Vettier. NOW AVAILABLE on VOD - iTunes & Amazon. Winner Of 8 Festival Awards! "A well written and acted horror movie filled with revenge, blood and a violent ending. Chimères effectively balances the ancient vampirism theme with their eternal struggle for friendship and love.” - Diabolique Magazine

  WATCH CHIMERES RIGHT NOW!                      

  WATCH CHIMERES RIGHT NOW!                      

  WATCH CHIMERES RIGHT NOW!                      
     Diabolique News: NOW AVAILABLE on VOD - iTunes & Amazon. "CHIMERES" - A Swiss Vampire horror/thriller love story starring the gorgeous JASNA KOHOUTOVA as "Livia." It is also Olivier Beguin's directorial debut, who co-wrote the story with Colin Vettier. Winner Of 8 Festival Awards! "A well written and acted horror movie filled with revenge, blood and a violent ending. Chimères effectively balances the ancient vampirism theme with their eternal struggle for friendship and love.” - Diabolique Magazine

  WATCH CHIMERES RIGHT NOW!                      
The gorgeous Jasna Kohoutova as "Livia" in 
Director Olivier Beguin's CHIMERES

  WATCH CHIMERES RIGHT NOW!                      

  WATCH CHIMERES RIGHT NOW!                      
Preview For An Article On CHIMERES That Was Featured
 In The December 2012 Issue Of "Écran Fantastique"

Photo by Pierik Falco - © Chaoticlock Films
 January 17, 2014 - On the set of CHIMERES: Director Olivier Beguin discussing a scene with lead actress Jasna Kohoutova (Livia) and Yannick Rosset (Alexandre) plus a few other actors.

  WATCH CHIMERES RIGHT NOW!                      
34th ANNUAL Fantasporto Festival 

     03/10/2014 - Portugal: A new award is presented to  director Olivier Beguin. His first feature film CHIMERES.  won the "Special Jury Prize" at the 34th Edition of Fantasporto Festival in Portugal. Mr. Beguin was present at the ceremony with his actors, Yannick Rosset and Jasna Kohoutova. This drama tells the horrific descent into hell of a couple after a bloody incident in Romania. CHIMERA  had also received a special mention from the jury last year in Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival. 

[July 5-13, 2013] Actress Jasna Kohoutova and Director Olivier Beguin Pose In Front Of The Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival Banner.

 IMPORTANT LINKS                                           
  • Official Chaoticlock website
  • Director Olivier Beguin on imdb
  • "Like" CHIMERES on facebook here
  • Official CHIMERES website
  • Follow CHIMERES on twitter

  WATCH CHIMERES RIGHT NOW!                      

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